Josh & Cody Chronicles XVII: Planning My Dream Wedding in 2 Months

already knew. I felt bad because at first I really didn’t like any of the dresses at all. I started to fear that I wouldn’t find anything I even remotely liked. I had an idea of what I wanted and none of these dresses were even close. I knew I didn’t want white and I started to describe the dress I had in mind to Jess and she said, “How about this one? We just got it today and we only have it in one size.” I was stunned. It was the dress. Continue reading


Josh & Cody Chronicles XIII: Our Anniversary states Apart

Just then we got a knock on our door..which never has happened to me before or after that night. As missionaries we don’t have visitors to our apartment, especially late at night. Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles XII: My Mission & a Dear John Letter

Going on a mission was quite the adventure. I could start another whole blog just about my mission stories..maybe I will! But this one is about Josh and Cody’s sappy love tales. Leaving for my mission was surprisingly not as … Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles XI: Josh Surprises me in NC

I went back to NC at the end of August. I left for the MTC in mid October so I went back to my old job working with children with special needs and trying to not miss Josh like crazy. … Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles X: Leaving Josh to Serve a Mission

My last blog post was all about the happy times the last week I was in Utah before I left. Although it was bittersweet I still look back and think of it as a very joyful time. Leaving Josh was … Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles VIII: My Mission Call

Ok so we know that before I met Josh I was totally planning on serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since I honestly can remember breathing. When I was planning on serving a mission … Continue reading