12 Things That Missionary On Your Doorstep Wish You Knew

Believe it or not..I was often scared to be knocking on a complete stranger’s door. I acted all confident and brave and bold but I was shaking in my boots. Continue reading


10 Gift Ideas for LDS Missionaries

First of all being a missionary you move a lot, you are on the go a lot and so to me, getting things that were useful were the greatest gifts. I loved the fun or funny things as well but with such a tiny budget, when you got things that you would have bought anyway..it really made me happy. Continue reading

Dear Future Missionaries: It’s ok to go Stateside!

Growing up I always wanted to serve a mission but felt caught up in the where you get your call part of the mission. I felt as a kid that going stateside (Staying in the US) was not as cool and exciting and felt bad for the missionaries who had to serve in lame ol’ North Carolina for my ward or branch. 🙂 To me I thought, I’m going to finally leave the US and travel somewhere “cool” and far and distant and probably subconsciously thought that would impress people when I told them where. For me I wanted to serve a mission for the right reasons, but where was not for the right reasons. Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles XIII: Our Anniversary states Apart

Just then we got a knock on our door..which never has happened to me before or after that night. As missionaries we don’t have visitors to our apartment, especially late at night. Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles XII: My Mission & a Dear John Letter

Going on a mission was quite the adventure. I could start another whole blog just about my mission stories..maybe I will! But this one is about Josh and Cody’s sappy love tales. Leaving for my mission was surprisingly not as … Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles XI: Josh Surprises me in NC

I went back to NC at the end of August. I left for the MTC in mid October so I went back to my old job working with children with special needs and trying to not miss Josh like crazy. … Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles X: Leaving Josh to Serve a Mission

My last blog post was all about the happy times the last week I was in Utah before I left. Although it was bittersweet I still look back and think of it as a very joyful time. Leaving Josh was … Continue reading

The first step to becoming happier: Admitting I am Prideful

This is a talk I read repeatedly on my mission. My trainer, Hermana Leyton showed it to me. She might have given it to me because she thought I was prideful..but who isn’t right? This talk changed my view on … Continue reading

Josh & Cody Chronicles VIII: My Mission Call

Ok so we know that before I met Josh I was totally planning on serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since I honestly can remember breathing. When I was planning on serving a mission … Continue reading