12 Things That Missionary On Your Doorstep Wish You Knew

Believe it or not..I was often scared to be knocking on a complete stranger’s door. I acted all confident and brave and bold but I was shaking in my boots. Continue reading


Who are the Mormons? Part 1: The Beginning

With the whole Book of Mormon musical and such lots of people have just basic curious questions about the Mormons. I love learning about other religions too so that’s what this is for. I’ll try to not bore you and … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Admire the Mormon Pioneers

Some people make fun of the Mormon culture saying we are too stuck in the past. We talk a lot about Joseph Smith and the Pioneers. Well duh. They are kind of a big deal. Some were mercilessly attacked by … Continue reading

My Conversion to the LDS Church

  We are all in this life searching for something. But I know we are all here for a similar purpose. I know where I am going in this life and in the next. I have peace of mind and … Continue reading