The War on Breastfeeding in Public

Well I don’t want to rehash and start fights and arguments and beat a dead horse. Buuuuut, I just gotta get this off my chest so then I can just post this blog post and move on with my life. … Continue reading

My Mommy Life Necessities

When it comes to being a mom these days it really is fantastic that we have so many different things to help make things a little easier. Although there’s a bajillion things you could buy to make your life easier, … Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day: My Thoughts About All Women Today

I know that for me being a mother is something I do my best to not take for granted or flaunt because it is a precious gift and I can only partly understand the magnitude of it. It is scary at times and of course it’s hard. But no great thing is easy. Plus being a mom is far better than anything else that is hard anyways. And just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s bad either. Continue reading

You Can Have it All

I have to make a disclaimer that I don’t want this to be one of those blog posts where I tell you all the things I am grateful for (because I’m about to) and instead of it benefiting your life … Continue reading