Foster kids sometimes might have some baggage but.. Don’t We All?

“Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their needs..” When my husband married me he knew I’d been through some tough stuff, to keep it simple. I’m sure he could tell that there were things we’d have … Continue reading

You Can Have it All

I have to make a disclaimer that I don’t want this to be one of those blog posts where I tell you all the things I am grateful for (because I’m about to) and instead of it benefiting your life … Continue reading

12 Things That Missionary On Your Doorstep Wish You Knew

Believe it or not..I was often scared to be knocking on a complete stranger’s door. I acted all confident and brave and bold but I was shaking in my boots. Continue reading

Who are the Mormons? Part 1: The Beginning

With the whole Book of Mormon musical and such lots of people have just basic curious questions about the Mormons. I love learning about other religions too so that’s what this is for. I’ll try to not bore you and … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Admire the Mormon Pioneers

Some people make fun of the Mormon culture saying we are too stuck in the past. We talk a lot about Joseph Smith and the Pioneers. Well duh. They are kind of a big deal. Some were mercilessly attacked by … Continue reading