I am so Awesome.

https://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=https%3A//codypaigeblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/i-am-so-awesome/&media=https%3A//codypaigeblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/iamawesome.jpg?w=612&description=It’s%20ok%20to%20know%20you’re%20awesome%20%23codypaigeblog Before we begin.. I hope you know you’re awesome too! A few days ago I was on the phone with a friend of mine I have known since I was in 3rd grade. Every time I talk to her … Continue reading

The War on Breastfeeding in Public

Well I don’t want to rehash and start fights and arguments and beat a dead horse. Buuuuut, I just gotta get this off my chest so then I can just post this blog post and move on with my life. … Continue reading

My Mommy Life Necessities

When it comes to being a mom these days it really is fantastic that we have so many different things to help make things a little easier. Although there’s a bajillion things you could buy to make your life easier, … Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day: My Thoughts About All Women Today

I know that for me being a mother is something I do my best to not take for granted or flaunt because it is a precious gift and I can only partly understand the magnitude of it. It is scary at times and of course it’s hard. But no great thing is easy. Plus being a mom is far better than anything else that is hard anyways. And just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s bad either. Continue reading

I really didn’t want to talk about 50 Shades of Grey

I REALLY didn’t want to talk about this directly. I’ve tried to keep my distance and only “like” posts and share a few links but I can’t be silent anymore. I have fought the promptings to write about this so many times because A) I hate talking about this and B) I’m worried I will come off as too..I don’t even know the word..too intense. (That’s the best I can come up with) But I’m also a believer in helping others and that sometimes we experience things so that others can learn from our experiences. Others can’t learn from them if we don’t talk about it. Continue reading

LDS folks: It’s ok if you don’t get married in The Temple

Whoa what am I saying? It’s ok that you don’t get married in the temple? Ya, it’s ok. Life isn’t over yet. In fact if you want, you can get sealed in the temple the following year. It’s really not … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Admire the Mormon Pioneers

Some people make fun of the Mormon culture saying we are too stuck in the past. We talk a lot about Joseph Smith and the Pioneers. Well duh. They are kind of a big deal. Some were mercilessly attacked by … Continue reading