The War on Breastfeeding in Public

Well I don’t want to rehash and start fights and arguments and beat a dead horse. Buuuuut, I just gotta get this off my chest so then I can just post this blog post and move on with my life. … Continue reading

10 Gift Ideas for LDS Missionaries

First of all being a missionary you move a lot, you are on the go a lot and so to me, getting things that were useful were the greatest gifts. I loved the fun or funny things as well but with such a tiny budget, when you got things that you would have bought really made me happy. Continue reading

Dear Future Missionaries: It’s ok to go Stateside!

Growing up I always wanted to serve a mission but felt caught up in the where you get your call part of the mission. I felt as a kid that going stateside (Staying in the US) was not as cool and exciting and felt bad for the missionaries who had to serve in lame ol’ North Carolina for my ward or branch. 🙂 To me I thought, I’m going to finally leave the US and travel somewhere “cool” and far and distant and probably subconsciously thought that would impress people when I told them where. For me I wanted to serve a mission for the right reasons, but where was not for the right reasons. Continue reading

LDS folks: It’s ok if you don’t get married in The Temple

Whoa what am I saying? It’s ok that you don’t get married in the temple? Ya, it’s ok. Life isn’t over yet. In fact if you want, you can get sealed in the temple the following year. It’s really not … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Admire the Mormon Pioneers

Some people make fun of the Mormon culture saying we are too stuck in the past. We talk a lot about Joseph Smith and the Pioneers. Well duh. They are kind of a big deal. Some were mercilessly attacked by … Continue reading

Come Back, He loves you.

This is my open letter to all my friends and loved ones who I care so much about, but I don’t want to rub you the wrong way by writing you this individually. So instead, if you choose to read … Continue reading

My Conversion to the LDS Church

  We are all in this life searching for something. But I know we are all here for a similar purpose. I know where I am going in this life and in the next. I have peace of mind and … Continue reading