About Cody Paige

View More: http://kyleeannphotography.pass.us/october--codyMy name is Cody but I’m not a boy. (If the photo above wasn’t a dead giveaway) I have an awesome husband and beautiful son and live in Pennsylvania. I’m a Mormon which shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you have read even one of my blogposts. I try not to shove it in your face but..you are reading my blog.

I write a lot of things about my personal life here as well as my very radical and biased opinions. I don’t write to offend people, but it occasionally happens because well duh, not everyone believes the same things I do and I’m ok with that! I usually write my opinions not for those that agree with me, but for those who do not. However, it is nice to hear when people are on your side!

I am Mormon but I am not the official spokesperson for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so don’t take what I say as Mormon Doctrine unless I blatantly say: This is Mormon Doctrine. I write my opinions and believe it or not, Mormons are free to have their own opinion!

 I am a photographer as well. This is My Photography Website. I also have a Photography blog and a Facebook Page for my photography endeavors.

My favorite food is anything southern soul food. Give me some roast/ chicken n biscuits/ mashed potatoes and gravy and I’m sold. I love cooking and baking blogs. They make me want to be A Domestic Goddess! The sad part is, my husband could live off cheese quesadillas everyday and not even notice the difference. I also LOVE baking. It’s therapeutic.

I have many different passions besides photography. I love music, especially music that makes me feel happy and where I want to dance to it. My husband is the best dancer in the world by the way. He cracks me up. One day I will hide a camera and video him dancing and you will see what I mean!

I have this dream of being an Opera singer, but I have never even been to the Opera or even like Opera music all that much. I just like to sing Opera style I think it’s fun. I love soccer but I never get to play anymore. I love swimming but I hate how the chlorine makes you feel gross and smell bad.

I love being a wife and a mother and I believe in Gender Roles and in being equal to your spouse.

46-1361303197905I believe in having good manners.

I believe in taking pictures to document our wonderful lives.

I believe in being grateful.

I believe that God does indeed love everyone.

I believe in being a good friend.

I believe in being kind to the best of your ability.

I believe that sunshine, exercise and laughter will always make you feel better.

I don’t believe in spellcheck.

I believe that Families can be Together Forever and that this life is part of our eternal existence.

I believe in sharing your opinion and standing up for what you believe in, even if it is scary at times.

I believe in being virtuous and that it is not a rare find these days but perhaps just goes unnoticed.

I believe that people are not 100% themselves online and say things they normally wouldn’t say.

I believe it’s ok to breastfeed in public uncovered and if you don’t agree with it to just be kind.

I believe in True Love.

I believe “waiting” until you are married is one of the best things you can do for yourself and future spouse.

I believe families are the most important thing in life.

I believe in being happy now and not when..

I believe that if you strike a chord with people you are on the right track.

I believe prayer is more powerful and beautiful then we can comprehend.


4 thoughts on “About Cody Paige

  1. Hi Cody! I just stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did. (I’m moving to Rexburg and a Google search brought up your post about 50 fun things to do there.) Your Josh and Cody Chronicles were adorable. Thanks for being bold in your writing. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow Emma thank you! I hope you enjoy Rexburg and I’m glad you did stumble across my blog! 😀 Haha I’m glad you like the J&C Chronicles and dont’ think they’re sappy and annoying. Thanks for taking the time to tell me this! Totally made my week!!!
      PS-Let me know if I missed any fun things to do in Rexburg 😉


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