My Whole30 Experiece


The Whole30 is totally worth it if you ask me! I have been struggling to lose weight since I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 5 years ago. I basically have just been gaining weight for those 5 years and it was been confusing and frustrating to say the least. When I heard about the Whole30 I felt that it sounded right to me. I tried following other diets and nutrition guides but all of them always had you eating sugar or hidden sugars everywhere. Every breakfast guide was something like: Granola & yogurt or a fruit smoothie. Whole30 was finally calling that food out for what it was–>sugar.  I was impressed that finally someone was saying it.

I finally decided to try the Whole30 but I think I jumped the gun too quickly and got confused and overwhelmed. I did real the book but read so fast I didn’t fully ingest what all it was saying. I was so determined I would stay up late once my kid went to bed and would try to cook as many meals as I could so throughout the week I could pay more attention to my son than be in the kitchen all day. Everything you make is from scratch. (Even mayo) So that was easily very overwhelming. But-once I got the hang of it, I loved it. I loved the energy I had. I loved that I had no sugar crashes. I loved that my brain was less foggy and I knew that this system made sense to me and I had faith for the first time it would “work”.

They say it’s a rollercoaster for people that do Whole3,0 and it is. But I tried not to count down the days obsessively and just let them go by. It went by faster that way. I tried not to become consumed by the Whole30 but just let it become my life. By day 30 I was so nervous to go off of it and it didn’t sound appealing to quit so fast. But the Patty LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie was calling me name! I had been meaning to try for months and of course, every day I was on the whole 30 it was on display right when I walked into Walmart eveyr week. So I went and got a pie and my husband and I each had a slice and then I gave the rest to my skinny cute friend. 😉

After doing the 30 days I just didn’t feel like I was done. Since it worked so well I figured I would just go back on it but this time be less strict. If I was at a friend’s house and she had popcorn and I really liked it, I would allow myself a bowl. If we were going to a birthday party and the cake looked awesome, I’d have some. But when I was home I only ate Whole30 and only bought Whole30 foods. It’s pretty easy when you are a stay at home Mom to not be tempted a lot. However my son does not eat only Whole30 and his goldfish and other snacks do call my name as I have to hold them in my hand as he eats them and the smell wafts up to my nose. But I’ve been surprisingly strong. I’m crazy proud of myself. I think that pride of accomplishment feels great on it’s own.

Photo on 3-4-16 at 9.25 AM

Now let’s get to the results!

As for weight, my scale has teeeeny tinnny ticks so I can’t read them very well but I know I lost at least 12 pounds. That is HUGE for me. I haven’t been losing much weight as people said I would nursing. (How rude!) But I did stop nursing in January but my chest still didn’t shrink back-until I went on the Whole30 and lost 6 inches off my chest. (OH THANK HEAVEN ABOVE!!!)

Before & After Measurements:

Chest= Lost 6 1/4 Inches


Waist= Lost 8 3/4 inches


Hips= Lost 2 inches


My hair was the softest it’s ever been too. My skin felt softer, my nails are stronger, and my teeth are even whiter! I sleep like a baby (what a stupid saying) but I think I always have, once I am asleep and my son doesn’t wake me up.

Usually my mind would get foggy faster in the day from what I ate or lack of eating. The Whole30 evened out my blood sugar so much that I hardly needed to snack at all during the day! I went from 4-6 mini meals or snacks to 3 meals and maybe one snack. That was incredible for me. It made me not stress as much about my blood sugar (the biggest blessing EVER) and it made me less grouchy and tired and I felt like a solid 7 energy wise for most of the day. At night around 5 or 6 I still pass out on the couch once Josh gets home and plays with Peter before we put him to bed. (I love that nap)

As for working out I was doing T25 but I was getting super light headed and dizzy like crazy. (The Whole30 does tell you to take it easy) I had to stop and at the same time my workout partner’s kid got sick so I just went on walks with my son every day. I probably should have done at least pilates or yoga but I used those excuses and talked myself out of it. Since I knew I was losing weight it was hard to motivate myself to exercise. I’m trying to get back on that now.

So all in all, I HIGHLY recommend the Whole30 to anyone. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight-it’s not supposed to be for that, it’s just a bonus. It’s a cleanse of all the toxins and crap in our bodies and losing weight is a side effect of that. No complaints here.

Some people are scared of how strict it is, but I love that kinda stuff. I love black and white-no middle ground. I thrive on strict restrictions and discipline. When you give me wiggle room I start to make excuses. So for this, I dove right in, 100% dedicated and the results have been so worth it.

Here are the before and afters!

They are kind of skewed because I took pictures off my computer screen that I tilt and move all the time so I couldn’t get the spots to be the same and I was closer and further away and one was at night and the after in daytime. But whatever. Peter also really wanted to be in the photos too. 🙂

For those of you who want advice on some of what I did or what I ate: here ya go.

(Olive oil=Extra Virgin Olive oil)

We had other things from the Whole30 book or from pinterest pins but these were what we ate a ton of because it stresses me out less when I have to mix it up too much.

Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs + verde salsa + Mystic Mango Kombucha to drink

Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole from Aldi’s recipe tweaked to be Whole30 approved. I loved having this casserole in the morning because the last thing I want to do when I wake up is make food. I just want to heat it up, have my drink and get going. I can’t have juice or I’ll basically die so the Mystic mango Kombucha was amazing! Only 10 grams of sugar (Compared to 19, 28, or more from juices or smoothies) and I could handle the taste better than regular Kombucha drinks..yuck. I used to drink whole milk and I really missed that a lot.

Breakfast: Sausage (Whole30 approved) with eggs, salt and pepper.

Lunch: Salad -Chopped Romaine, Julianned carrots, cucumbers, 1/2 avocado and this knock off recipe from Newman’s own Oil and Vinegar recipe. My recommendation for the dressing is to get a pretty neutral olive oil because you want to be able to taste the other flavors of the dressing. And if you’re like us, you’ll want to make tons of this stuff. I really don’t like fruit vinaigrettes and I don’t like heavy dressings with romaine so I basically live off of this dressing. The original Newman’s Own would be Whole30 approved (I’m pretty sure) except for the Soybean oil. Stupid Newman get it together!

Lunch: Roasted veggies (squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions, any other winter veggies I could find) with salt and pepper, and olive oil roasted in the oven till soft.

Photo on 3-4-16 at 9.26 AM #5

Lunch: Cooked Chicken Breasts. Chicken is 90% of the meat we eat and I usually keep it pretty simple. I get 10 pounds from the local store and cook half of it that day. I use this recipe that makes a good moist basic chicken that I can put in other recipes throughout the week. It’s good plain or I like to throw them in a pan on med-med high eat with olive oil, tons of garlic powder, salt, pepper and coconut aminos (It’s like soy sauce) until they are crispy. I know you aren’t supposed to use olive oil at high heat but I’ve tried stuff like sunflower oil and it just doesn’t cook it the way I like with the flavor I like.

Lunch: Deviled Eggs. I could eat these for breakfast too. I used this basic recipe but it had barely any flavor. So I added a ton of pickle juice and tada-they were awesome!!

Lunch: Flounder


Dinner: This was where I switched it up the most. After I put my son to bed we eat a pretty late dinner. (8-9pm) I finally have the time to cook so I would make us a good meal that I would sometimes eat the next day for lunch or dinner again.

Things I always had on hand: coconut cream, clarified butter, sautéed onions and tons of olive oil.

Photo on 3-4-16 at 9.26 AM

Dinner: My new favorite obsession has been with asparagus.

It’s been on sale lately so I would take 2 batches and cook them both because we are obsessed, like I said. I cut up the ends, set my oven to 425, cover them in salt, pepper, garlic or garlic granules and olive oil. Mix them up and put them on a baking sheet for 10-15 mins. I love them crispy and shriveled up. Oh man I gotta go make some now!

Dinner: Cauliflower Mash.

This was on of my husband’s favorites. I heated up the water to boil the cauliflower with garlic so the garlic flavor went throughout the cauliflower when I steamed them. That added so much awesome flavor! The cocount cream-go easy on it or your cauliflower mash will taste like coconuts. If you do it right, the recipe will be better than mashed potatoes! (In the whole30 book.)

Dinner: Pork Chops

Every week Aldi’s has these super cheap so I buy the one with 7 in it. I either freeze them as soon as I get home or make them that night because they go bad quickly.

The recipe is crazy simple but awesome! (From the whole30 book) You just use salt and pepper and ghee/oil to brown the sides. Then put them in the oven! Best porkchops I have ever had. (I think the breading is gross on the other ones I’ve had) And super easy and low key. I would get about 7 pork chops from the store and so I would have a lot of leftovers for the week.

Dinner: Salmon

Get a baking dish, put on the salmon you want (mine is frozen when I put it in). I add salt and pepper, fresh garlic, olive oil and coconut aminos drizzled on top and a squirt of lemon juice.

Put in the oven, set the timer to 25 minutes. Then set the oven to 350 and let the oven warm up with the salmon in it. That’s it!

Dinner: Steak
We used the whole 30 book recipe for this and it was perfect. I’ve never even made steak before. We only used this once but we will use it again!

Dinner: Shrimp

Again, we used the whole30 recipe book. Because it’s got tons of goods tuff in it! But I have to say this was probably the best shrimp I’ve ever had without breading. We get a huge bag from our local butcher shop and it’s so cheap there. We tried to double the recipe here with the seasonings but it was way too much paprika so next time I’ll just make two bags with the normal amount and then separate the shrimp into two bags. Super easy and totally delicious! Shrimp is way more filling then I remembered too.

I also would just type in whole30 into pinterest or paleo or I would go to the whole30 website and people post stuff on there too! They also have it where you can sign up for a daily email and they send you ideas and tasty recipes in there as well.

Check out my Whole30 Pinterest board for more recipes!


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