It’s Not Always Fun to be a Mormon

If you pay attention to things trending on Facebook or you may have noticed on your newsfeeds things pertaining to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently regarding Gay marriage. It’s always a hot topic, it’s never ending. I understand. But boy is it hard to be a Mormon sometimes. I don’t want this to be a big ol’ poor me post. It’s not. I have a lot to be grateful for. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into what I and many others may be feeling right now. Kind of a therapeutic sort of post, if you will.

Yesterday as I signed on I saw so, so, so many of my friends posting mean, hurtful, angry posts against my Church yesterday. I have to hold back tears as I write this because it hurts to see people be this way towards my church. My church is my life, it is who I am. I cannot separate being a Mormon from Cody. it is completely intertwined. I know it’s true, I live it, and I love it. But it is hard to stand up for my beliefs when so many disagree-but also are so mean when they do. I know so many are mean and rude and hateful to gay people. I know other religious fight and are mean as well and I in no way am pretending that Mormons are the only religion made fun of or treated this way. But to be fair, we did have an Extermination order against us here in America at one point so it’s not like we have always had it easy either.

So we all disagree on what we believe. That doesn’t mean we have to share posts and say that this religion is mean and hateful, we aren’t. If these people sharing these posts actually READ what The Mormon leaders said instead of what some hateful disassociated person said, maybe they would understand where The Mormons are coming from. Maybe they would see that instead of saying we hate gay people that we are actually saying THE EXACT OPPOSITE. That just because we do not believe that Gay Marriage is what God wants, does not mean that we hate gay people. Use your depth, use your brain. Understand that this is more complex than that. We also don’t believe in coffee. As a church we don’t hate all coffee drinkers! Same with drinking alcohol, smoking and tea and drugs. These are all against Mormon teachings. If you drink alcohol I’m not going to unfriend you. I’m not going to say you can never come to my Church or anything like that. We just simply have teachings we follow. Is that so crazy hard to understand? Why is it considered hateful to believe in teachings and follow them?

I belong to a church that stands by it’s teachings. It isn’t swept up in society and trying to buy followers by changing it’s teachings to whatever society currently believes. I love that about my church.

I love that even if I do not understand a teaching perfectly that I know that it is lead by God Himself and that He knows what is best. I can pray and seek guidance from Him on anything I have doubts or questions about! That brings me peace. That’s what I did yesterday. I pray a lot. I pray for strength. I pray that I can forgive those that hurt my feelings and say horrible things about my Prophet, my leaders, and my God.

I prayed and asked God yesterday about the new policy and children of Gay married couples. I received my peaceful response that my leaders are guided and directed by God and this policy is from Him. That it is to help the children not have to cause problems with their families. That while they are in their homes and being brought up that they don’t have to choose between a religion and their parents. They are trying to protect the children.

And while you may disagree with that, please respect that it is what I believe in.

Everyone is free to believe what they want. I disagree with 99% of the people in this world. I disagree with my husband on tons of things. We drive each other crazy with some of our beliefs but we aren’t mean about it. We aren’t cruel to each other, and we always listen to what the other has to say. In the end we may not still agree or totally understand where the other is coming from, but at least we listened and agree that it’s ok to disagree.

That’s all I ask of you. If you don’t believe what I believe, that’s fine. But be respectful about it. Seek for understanding and seek the right sources. Read what The Church has said instead of what some hateful anti-Mormon has said. Those people are angry. They don’t have love in their hearts, they don’t speak from a good place. So seek the right place-from God Himself.

Above all, seek the truth. What does GOD WANT? Ask Him. He will tell you. I promise.

Read why I am a Mormon.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Fun to be a Mormon

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. Sometimes it’s hard not knowing what Heavenly Father has planned for His children and what the grand scheme is. I think faith is the key and knowing that God loves all his children. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. My first gut reaction was anger. I asked myself ‘why are we punishing the children’ and my mother in law and I sat down and talked for a good long while.

    ‘Imagine how confused and hurt a child is when they’re told that their parents are apostates and that the parents they love are doing something wrong.’

    My brain hurt for a moment and that knee jerk gut reaction faded away.

    It can be tough but the mixed signals have to be painful.


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