For the Special Mothers with their Beautiful Children

Kylee Ann Photography

Kylee Ann Photography

This week while around different parts of town I’ve met and seen different moms out with their children with disabilities. I always try to say hi to the child and give the mother a smile because they often seem to be a tad stressed and worried. (Most moms out in public seem to be with their young ones)

 Every time I say hi to their beautiful child the mother has a look of shock on her face or concern. They seem to not be used to another mom acknowledging their child and addressing them directly. I believe these children deserve to be talked to just as any other child whether or not they can respond back with their voice or choose to. Any child I stop and smile and say hi to out in public always looks shocked like “who is this lady?” but it’s the mother’s look that always touches me in some way. I believe in making that child feel just like any other in every way possible but I go out of my way to say hi to these children for the mothers.

These mothers are not made of normal stuff or maybe they start out that way but are built into these strong women that I admire. I admire them for striving every day to help this child feel loved and appreciated and show them that they can do anything. I admire them because I know they must feel alone at times for various reasons. But I want them to know that they are, in my eyes, the angels that walk this earth and that their children are as well. I can only imagine the strength they have to muster up daily because like every other mother, they don’t always know everything about being a mom. I know they experience other mothers’ judgements and rude looks and that breaks my heart.

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Kylee Ann Photography

But when I stop and say hi to these children and smile at them and tell them I like their dress or hair or cool shirt, I want them to feel for at least a second that I’m not judging them, I’m not looking at them in a weird way. I want to show them that I am not uncomfortable in any way. I want them to know their child is beautiful and so are they. They don’t have to worry about what every other mom is thinking of them at the store or take a second thought when others avert their eyes out of discomfort.

This mother’s day I want them to know that they are heroes that walk this earth. They are being trusted by God with His precious children. Those children that may rely on them every second of their lives. Those children who to me can be the most joyful children in life. They bring joy to everyone around them, even if they are not able to speak to hug or walk or smile.

The reason I am saying this is because I want those mothers to know how incredible they are, and I want others to know that every mother out there needs an encouraging smile every chance we can get. We get criticism from others and judgements but we need to take every moment we can to uplift each other and remind each other- “You are doing just fine.”

Whenever you get the chance, smile at another mom. Say hello to their children–especially if they are being fussy! Nothing stops a child crying like a smiling face from an unexpected place. Children need to feel love and acceptance, every single one.

Kylee Ann Photography

Kylee Ann Photography


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