Josh & Cody Chronicles XVII: Planning My Dream Wedding in 2 Months


Being engaged as a good lil Mormon girl was tough! The wedding plans weren’t too stressful..the most stressful part was actually getting the bridesmaid outfits. They were all over the country and I tried not to make it too expensive but still be modest and still have my was a headache. But the good part was that I already knew what I wanted and what was important to me. (See blogpost here about my advice on planning a wedding!)


While I was on my mission my companion and I sat down at lunch one P-Day and actually planned my wedding haha, I’m not even kidding. We planned the colors-pale medium blue and pale yellow. (I was very picky about the blue and it was really hard to describe) I wanted kind of a southern theme and one companion and I drew out my dream wedding I was ready! (Don’t judge me)


Dress shopping was one of my favorite parts! I only went to one dress shop and luckily it worked out. Josh’s friend Jess worked there so it was nice to have someone help me I already knew. I felt bad because at first I really didn’t like any of the dresses at all. I started to fear that I wouldn’t find anything I even remotely liked. I had an idea of what I wanted and none of these dresses were even close. I knew I didn’t want white and I started to describe the dress I had in mind to Jess and she said, “How about this one? We just got it today and we only have it in one size.” I was stunned. It was the dress. I knew it before I even tried it on and I was SO excited! It was even the perfect color! I put it on and when I walked out my friend Ania that was there started to tear up-we both knew this was the one! I didn’t want to take it had everything I had wanted it was like the drawing had come to life..except it was not mormon modest yet that was ok, we’d fix that later. I brought my Aunt in the next day and I still remember her face when I came out..everyone seemed to agree this was the one.


I remember after I brought it home I wanted to try it on so many times but it was HUGE and ridiculous and so I just stared at it in my closet. I showed some of my cousins and their wives and one of the sweetest compliments I got was someone said it looked like a designer dress and another said it was the most beautiful wedding dress she’d ever seen. I agreed and I was so happy.


But things go wrong when you plan your wedding, as we all know. The poor woman I went to to make the alterations had to get it done in a month in time for my bridals. I felt so bad. The back of the dress had a corset so she had to take that up a bit, build shoulders and put the rouging on top of that. It was a TON of work but she couldn’t start until the extra fabric came in from the wedding store. As soon as it did I went to get it and brought it to the dress lady and it was waayy too dark. It was like a dark tan cream color. But before we both freaked out she found some extra fabric in her closet and all was well! Until my mom found out how much the alterations would cost..but then we went to pick up my dress at the end of July and I walked out and my mom fell in love with the dress too. Which was a frist because she usually doesn’t like my taste in dresses. She agreed the money was worth it.

P1000383 1-DSC_9192

I knew early on that I wanted to spend my money wisely and the things that were most important to me were the dress and the photographer. I had looked at photographers online for YEARS before this day. (I love all caps in this blogpost I guess) But in Logan I had only been there 2 months and was clueless on who to get for my engagements. Luckily, a girl I worked with at the daycare was really helpful and suggested I call her wedding photographer. I saw her pictures and fell in love and called her that day-she called me back-we set up the appointment and met her later that week! I am so glad I found Heather of Aya Photography. Her personality meshed perfectly with Josh and I’s..she has a funky artistic style and she also makes you feel really comfortable in front of the camera. Josh had a blast as well which made engagements a really fun time. I had just gotten home from my mission remember so I was totally clueless on what to wear so I went to a clothing store in the mall and ha da girl basically dress me. I didn’t even know how to put the belt on she gave me! But she helped me pick out outfits that were great for my body type and flattering and cute. The clothes were expensive but I still wear them 3 years later so I think it was worth it, especially because I felt so pretty for my engagements. Feeling confident is half the battle for photos just fyi!

My exit dress was pretty tricky as well. I get pretty picky about some things and this was one of them. I didn’t want to have to wear another darn cardigan over a pretty sundress I just wanted a dress that was modest! I found several online I liked but a lot of them were so pricey and I didn’t have time to buy them and take the chance they didn’t fit and have to send them back. Luckily Josh and I were walking down main street and saw the dress I saw online in the window of the Persian Peacock, believe it or not! The dress fit perfectly and was a lot cheaper than it was online. It was a sign haha. I was so excited about this dress..too bad I didn’t get to actually wear it as my exit dress on my wedding day. (To be continued..)


As for the flowers I realized that I couldn’t afford the pastel peonies I had dreamed of so I picked  yellow roses like on Funny Girl. The cake was as as simple as possible and that was fine with me as well. I figured not everything could cost a fortune. When you have expensive taste and you aren’t filthy rich you gotta give up a few things and that is just fine with me!


The location was one of the biggest blessings! Josh had the idea to have it in the barn behind his house. I heard barn and thought there is no way. But then we went and it was such a nice barn! It was clean and pretty and perfect. We got to use it for free too because we helped paint the inside and hang lights the owners wanted done anyways. My mom of course spent hours hanging lights only to take them down and re-arrange them so they would be aligned perfectly with the door frame. It cracked me up. Thank goodness those lights inside 50 feet above our heads were aligned with the door frame.


Planning the honeymoon was fun, we chose San Diego because Josh had been there before and really liked it and I had always wanted to go! Silly Josh accidentally booked the flight a day later but it worked out just fine because then we were able to just relax the day after the wedding and then the next day fly out all refreshed.

Catering was all about what was easiest. My family was in NC so it was a little tough to throw some food together and luckily we stumbled upon Coldstone. (get it?) We decided on Coldstone because they show up with everything they need, plates, spoons, table bowls and then pack up and don’t have to do a thing. Plus Josh and I got to pick out all the flavors and toppings we wanted which I really liked!



My mom is also like a Martha Stewart. She is so dang good with decorating and arts and crafts and did an amazing job with decorations. Staying true to the otehr theme we foudn wild flowers and wood from my uncle and when my bridesmaids came into town we all sat down and made the decorations.

cjwed-0232 cjwed-0233cjwed-0222 cjwed-0195

I wanted to have Contra Dancing because it is so fun and would get everyone dancing but that wasn’t exactly feasible but Josh’s family knew a family that were willing to bring some music to the reception! It was a perfect touch and brought them southern feel that I wanted.


cjwed-0181 cjwed-0193 cjwed-0171

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