Josh & Cody Chronicles XVI: The Proposal


When I think back to how Josh proposed, it really couldn’t have been more perfect. I was tough on him too, I remember even before my mission telling him all the ways I DIDN’T want to be proposed to because I thought that some ways were stupid or weird. (I can be a brat sometimes) Later on I told him I take everything I said back except I just didn’t want it in public.that was my only exception. I wanted it private so I could focus on us and not what everyone else around was thinking or doing. I wanted to be completely in the moment.

Cody Paige

After being back in Utah a few weeks Josh surprised me and took me ring shopping!  We went to every jewelry store in town and it was a lot of fun. We took pictures of the different rings I liked and then took it to a jeweler who comprised the different designs into one perfect ring. He made up some designs and I told him what I liked and didn’t like and then he made a mock up. It was really the coolest thing because this was truly unique.


Josh told me the jeweler said it would be a couple weeks to make the ring and I was sad to hear this. (He was trying to throw me off the scent.) Don’t tell Josh.but I was totally on to him! Friday came that week and I texted all my girls and felt like Elle on Legally Blonde (except I was actually going to be proposed to). I remember I had started to feel sick because a little kid had thrown up on me that day at my job at a daycare. One of my girlfriends said: “Go take some medicine and suck it up, you are getting engaged tonight!!” So I did just that. (Josh has no idea to this day I totally saw it coming, so let’s keep it our little secret)


He texted me a few hours before our date and told me to pick anywhere I wanted to eat in town. So of course I picked the place that he didn’t like and I loved because I knew this would probably be my last time getting to eat there for awhile and then he texted me that he was going to be a little late because his car broke down.

07-P1000324When he pulled up to pick me up he was driving a black Mercedes and told me that since his car had broken down that the dealership he worked out just let him pick any car he wanted. (Me thinking..ya ok you are totally proposing) So we drove to the Japanese Steakhouse and Josh said the whole time I had this special look in my eye. He kept asking me what? I said nothing..I couldn’t hide my excitement! It was just too good to be true.

04-photo (1)

At the Japanese steakhouse there was a couple that sat by us who had just gotten married! They were really fun to have at our table and I wanted to tell them so badly-he is about to propose to me! But of course I tried to play it cool. If you’ve never been to a Japanese Steakhouse you should go! It’s a lot of fun, they perform for you and the food is oh so good and fresh! I loved it. (We haven’t been back since, told ya)


After that Josh told me he had a surprise for me and started to drive out of town. We drove for 30 minutes or so until we came to a baseball diamond. He said he wanted to take me here because this is where he played little league as a kid. We got out the blankets like we always did when we went stargazing and lay in the grass. I couldn’t contain my excitement! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for whatever was about to happen next.


Suddenly, out of nowhere HUGE GIGANTIC fireworks starting going off above our heads! I’m talkin the illegal kind for Utah that you can only get in Wyoming (he had driven to Wyoming to buy them and had his friend set them off). They scared me and I might have said a bad word when they went off because I jumped. (Don’t judge)

I sat there and just enjoyed the show and tried to absorb the moment. It was so magical and perfect. Josh and I had our first kiss on the fourth of July after the fireworks and my mission President told me if the fireworks were still there when I got home to say yes to this really was the most perfect way to propose.

After they stopped he stood me up and then got down on one knee. I still remember the anticipation I felt of being so overwhelmingly excited that I was shaking all over. He pulled out the box and even though it was dark out the box had a light inside when you opened it and I could see the ring dazzling inside. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! He said he had been waiting his whole life for me and then said, “Cody will you marry me?”

I remember I was still in shock so I didn’t respond for a second and then realized he had popped the question and said “Yes!!” He put the ring on my finger and got up and kissed me and held me and then said, “OK we gotta run before the cops get here.” So we gathered up the blankets and ran to the car and took off to his parent’s house down the road. Sure enough, cops were called because of the fireworks but we were long gone!


After that I was so excited to be engaged I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t stop staring at my was all too good to be true. However..that night I got SO sick with teh stomach flu. The little boy who had thrown up on me that day at hte daycare gave me the worst stomach flu of my life. Josh and I were supposed to go to Warped Tour the next day with my friend Alicia but I started to feel sick and figured that was a bad idea. We got to say hi to her and she was hte first of my friends that got to see my ring!



By that afternoon I could barely move. That night I spent throwing up everything in the world and it was awful because throwing up to me is a fate worse then death! The next day Josh came over and I just sat in a chair and he read me the Hunger Games and I sat and ate soda crackers and tried not to move I was so nauseous. It was horrible I wanted to be excited and enjoy being engaged but all I could do was not move or I would throw up again. Luckily Josh took care of me and didn’t get sick and I recovered after that weekend.


We didn’t even have to set a date by then because it had already been set..months ago while I was on my mission. Josh had called and already scheduled us a time to be married at the temple. August 11, 2012 at 3pm 🙂

22-P1000371 21-P1000365 20-P1000364 19-P1000362 18-P1000361 16-P1000349

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