Josh & Cody Chronicles XV: Reunited Again after 1 Year 7 Months and 28 Days


After being home a little over a week Josh convinced me it was time to come out to Utah. Even though I hadn’t even given my homecoming talk, I bought my ticket and headed out to Utah. I had never been more nervous on a plane trip before. I was so anxious and excited that I didn’t eat so my blood sugar would get really low and slept the whole way. My sister and her husband picked me up and I spent the night at her place. The next day Josh drove down to her house in Midvale from Logan and I sat on the front steps and waited. I did what I always did when I was anxious, I read The Book of Mormon. This time, it really didn’t help because it was talking about our family members dying and I went great, he could just die on the way here!


When he finally pulled up I ran over to his car. My original plan was NOT to kiss him for I dunno how long..a day at least I guess. But after we hugged I kissed him right away-I couldn’t wait any longer! He thought that was pretty funny. Being with him again and seeing him again was the most surreal feeling I have ever felt. It felt so right and comfortable but at the same time we had both changed so much. I remember he picked me up in his Lumina so I could sit in the middle seat up front and cuddle all the way up to Logan. Again, I don’t remember what we talked about or what was was all such a blur. I had waited for this day for so long and it was finally here.


We picked up right where we left off, but this time it was different. Coming home from a mission everyone handles differentlly. I had my awkward moments when we were with friends where I didn’t know what to say. At times I would wear outfits that Josh would kindly help me understand I no longer needed to dress like that..and when I said weird things he would kindly tell me later that that was a little weird. It was actually really good for me to adjust with his help. Misisonaries can be pretty weird at times and I was no exception. It also didn’t help that I was on birth control for the first time in my life and that was an emotional roller coaster in itself! I cried every. single. day. I was on birth control. Josh wanted me to try different ones but I was convinced that what hte doctor said was true, that my hormones would calm down eventually. Well after 3 months I finally gave up on that-so fun fact or all you ladies that think you’re crazy on birth probably are. Try soemthing else!


Anyways, it was really nice to come back to Josh. We went on picnics and went star gazing like we did before. Josh was as sweet as ever to me, even going out in the middle of the night when I realized I left my phone at the park, with the sprinklers on. (That phone is still going strong btw!)

The time we spent apart was a lot, and we both grew a lot, but luckily for us change was a good thing and we got to know each other all over again. This time I really cherrished because all my dreams were coming true.

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