My Top 20 Favorite Versions of my Top 20 Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! I love the feeling around Christmas time, and the decorations and the movies and especially the music! I love so many Christmas songs and have way more songs I love and adore but these are the versions of these songs I love no particular order. Except for #1 that is my all time favorite Christmas song. The thing I love most about Christmas songs is that they proclaim the birth of Christ and celebrate His life. A lot of these songs I love because I can feel the love that they have for their Savior..that is beautiful to me.

20) What Christmas Means to Me: Stevie Wonder

This song makes me feel the excitement and joy that I felt as a kid for Christmas. I think it perfectly captures how I feel about the season.

19) Santa Clause is Coming to Town: The Jackson 5

This is the only version of this song I will listen to. It just isn’t nearly as awesome any other way. Whoa yeah!

18) Mary Did You Know: Pentatonix 

I love all versions of this song..but this one is just so beautiful in every way. I lovis group and the blend of their voices. I especially love how any song they do you can’t tell that they are an acapella group. Sorry BYU Vocal Point..but you can’t touch Pentatonix.
This song is also beautiful because the lyrics are so touching. You can see it in their eyes how they feel about what they are singing.

Another favorite version surprisingly is Rascal Flatts. I usually hate country versions of Christmas songs but this one is beautiful.

17) Rockin Around the Christmas Tree: Brenda Lee

I said I loved Christmas movies and this one is my favorite version because of Home Alone. I grew up listening to this version because of that movie and it brings back memories of my childhood.

16) Little Drummer Boy: Jars of Clay

This is the most epic version of this song I’ve ever heard. I think the story of the little drummer boy is very sweet but it broke my heart as a child so I didn’t like to watch the movie we had too much. I didn’t really like the song either..until I heard this version!

15) It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Andy Williams

This is the song I hear and know it’s Christmas time! It swirls me into a feeling of the Christmas spirit and makes me love looking around at the stores and houses and try to absorb this wonderful time of year.

14) It Feels Like Christmas: Muppet Christmas Carol

I LOVE this movie. Every year we decorate our tree while watching it. Every year I come to love it more and more for it’s wonderful message, spirit, and fantastic songs. It’s hard to pick my favorite from the movie but this one wins because no matter makes me feel incredibly happy and thankful. In the song they name all the things that make it feel like Christmas..because that’s the Spirit that Christ brings! The Spirit of love and happiness and peace and joy. It’s also just hte simple things like spending time with family which is my absolute favorite thign about Christmas.

13) Joy to the World: Mormon Tabernacle Choir & David Archuleta

Unlike some other Christmas songs, I love all versions of this song! I mostly love singing it in church. I chose this version because when I was on my mission I was away from home and it was hard to not get homesick. This Christmas special was shown with David Archuleta and I was filled with warmth from teh inside out. Music can be a very powerful thing and I’ll never forget Christmas that year. It taught me a lot about being grateful and how much I love family, especially because I couldn’t be with them. I know never to take family for granted now.

12) Sleigh Ride: Vanessa Williams

This is one of those versions that once I’ve heard this one, it’s hard to listen to other ones. I love the peppiness and I think Vanessa William’s voice is so pretty and bright.

11) Jingle Bells: The Mills Brothers

Growing up we had a few Christmas cds we would listen to and this version was on it. Jingle Bells is obivously a classic song and I lvoe all the versions but I chose this one just for the timeless feel of it. I can’t help but reminded of when I was a kid singing these songs so happily at school or at home or alone in my room getting ready for Christmas day.

10) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Kenny G

This song makes me think of the Christmas we spent in Vermont at my Grandpa’s house. I remember it snowed a lot and the house was so cozy. THis version I think brings out the coziness that Christmas time brings with the decorations and fire and putting a Kenny G CHristmas cd on brings. Just makes me want to drink hot chocolate and sit by the window and watch the snow fall.

9) The Christmas Song: Nat King Cole

I’m a big fan of coziness. I know Christ wasn’t necessarily born this time of year, but I am so glad we celebrate it now because winter would be unbearable to me without Christmas! This song makes me instead dread teh cold and harshness of winter, but welcome it and enjoy it.

8) Winter Wonderland: Johnny Mathis

Just the voice of Johnny Mathis fills me with the Christmas Spirit! I love his Christmas songs because the tone of his voice is so happy and wonderful. This version to me is the best because I grew up listening to it as a kid. I love looking back on Christmases past. I loved my childhood and Christmas was always so magical to me.

7) Wonderful Christmas Time

This one just makes me happy every time I listen to it. So catchy.

6) I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas: The Drifters

Home Alone is obviously awesome. I’m so glad I grew up with this movie. This version makes me feel the Christmas time and also think of how funny I thought this movie was. I love this version for the uniqueness of it. It’s unlike any other in a good way.

5) All I want for Christmas Is you: Mariah Carey

Don’t judge me. I love this one too! How can you not dance to it? Most newer Christmas songs are a dud but this one is an instant classic.

4) It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Johnny Mathis

If you don’t get it by now..I love the look of Christmas. It’s bright and happy and cozy. This song sings about it all so I like it. I love Christmas.

3) Carol of the Bells: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I loved this album growing up but this song was always the one I couldn’t wait to play. Then I saw Dwight playing the air guitar to it on the Office and it became awesome all over again.

However, I do love the classic version of Carol of the Bells A LOT. This version from John Williams is very pretty. Every year my choir sang it but I never felt like it sounded as beautiful and delicate as it should have like the John Williams version.

2) Silent Night: Barbara Streisand 

I love most versions of Silent Night. I love singing Silent Night. I love the lyrics to this song.  As a kid I really didn’t like it that much because I thought it was boring because it was so slow. Now I know better and love everything about it. I picked this version because Barbara’s voice is so beautiful and controlled. I love listening to a singer that you don’t have to worry about their pitch or tone. She just lets you sit back and enjoy the beauty the song was meant to be.

1) O holy night 

This is my all-time favorite Christmas song. It’s so beautiful and powerful and amazing but only the best of hte best in my opinion should sing it. It’s a difficult song and if it’s not right, you lose the power that can be brought by it. This song brings me chills every time. I picked this version because of the ease these women sing it but it still has an gorgeous climax to the song.


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