There are a lot of Mormons in Utah..Get Over It


Intro: I am Mormon/LDS and was raised in North Carolina. I have been living in Utah a few years now with my husband who was born and raised here. Before living in Utah we teased and joked about “Utahrds” growing up and swore we would never live there. Now that I am older and not an idiot I have found that Utah is actually a great place to live. It’s beautiful, safe, and is made up of great communities. However, the anti-Mormon sentiment some people put out is really annoying me. I get that there are Mormons everywhere. I get that their culture is overwhelming at times and you may feel left out or not understand what they’re talking about..or not even understand why they are the way they are. But newsflash: That’s how it is NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE. In North Carolina I was one of the few Mormons and hung out with friends verrrrry different then me. I loved it at times because I learned about other people and took the good with the bad. I didn’t try to change the people around me. I knew that’s how they were and that was fine! So what am I saying? I’m saying ya there are a lot of Mormons in Utah and if you have a problem with that, you’re in the wrong state. This isn’t going to change any time soon.

UPDATE: This is not your typical Mormon blogpost. I am not here to be overly friendly and sugarcoat anything. If you are looking for that you have come to the wrong place. I wrote this as an annoyed Mormon living in Utah and I don’t claim to be perfect and I am not a spokesperson for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If I was, I wouldn’t write this the way that I have.

It’s rather blunt and sometimes even rude.

I’m also not here to fight but I realize that by writing something so snarky I am opening myself up to others who feel the need to fight.

This isn’t about Mormons vs everyone else. It’s just simply saying we all need to understand that we are all different and you probably won’t agree with everything someone else believes in or says. Which means that I acknowledge you may not agree with what I’m saying in this blogpost and that’s ok too!

1) First off, let’s get one thing straight. Mormons worked pretty hard to establish this state. They fled from being raped and murdered and their houses being burned down, as well as a temple. It was kind of a big deal for them to come all the way to Utah and leave everything behind to start a new life because they wanted a better life (and a safer one) for their kids. Mormons are awesome because they don’t resent the US for what they put them through. We grew up being taught to be thankful for our country and what we have. It’s pretty remarkable if you know the actual history.

Mormon pioneers no matter what they tell you in school..were extremely brave and faithful and I love that I am related to them. So they worked hard to come and help build Utah and if you didn’t’’s kind of a dessert so it was hard to say the least and many died even once they made it here. Now that it is over 100 years later their lineage is doing really well and thriving in Utah. They built a pretty cool place, so you’re welcome. But they earned it. Don’t get all PC on me and say they don’t. They worked hard for it and so it’s ok that there are so many Mormons still here benefitting from that hard work. So if you have a problem with the fact that there are so many Mormons why don’t you learn the history about what they had to go through and stop persecuting them like so many people before? Seriously, it’s really old and not that clever.

2) Mormons aren’t all the same so don’t act like they are. Are all catholics the same? How about Methodists? Mormons come in different shapes and sizes and believe it or not, most aren’t even white and live in Utah. There are more Mormons outside of the US then in it! If you leave Utah I guarantee you will find a Mormon no matter what place of the earth you are you better get used to it. But like I said, we are all different. You can categorize us and stereotype us, that’s to be expected. But if you think for a second we are all the same you should meet my sister and I. We are complete opposites in every way and don’t get along 100% of the time, but it’s cool we work through it. That’s what humans are supposed to do. Also, it is rather presumptuous of you to just assume we are all the same. We aren’t robots and we don’t assume all non-Mormons are the same.

3) Mormons have different political stances. This is kind of the same thing but I need to make sure this is understood. We have different points of views..on everything! My sister and I are still in the same political party (and religion) and even don’t agree on everything. So when you think because the Mayor or Governor or some person that happens to be Mormon says something that doesn’t mean all of us feel that way. We are free to think whatever we want regardless of what others may say. Believe me, I’m Mormon I know what I’m talking about.

4) Embrace it or be a grump about it, it’s your choice but it won’t change the Mormons. Mormons will always be around, and there is more and more growing by the minute. Soon you will surrounded, too late! I have found in life that some things that annoy me or frustrate me that I cannot change, I need to let go. If you live here in Utah and are constantly annoyed by the Mormons..then you have a choice to make. You can 1) of course move, which is a bit extreme.. 2) you can continue to complain and blame everything on the Mormons, or 3) you can just accept that there are a group of people here that follow a religion that is different then yours and therefore act differently then you. You could even go as far as loving it like Ty Burrell or the NY Times writer. Some people happen to love the Mormons and appreciate thee things they are good at. You could even try to actually learn about what Mormons believe so you can understand them better.

5) Some people are going to be different than you..different isn’t a bad thing. This is the biggest problem in this country and around the world. People are afraid of others that are different then them and instead of just thinking, “oh they’re different” they get all mad and think that person is bad or choose to dislike them. People aren’t all the same and never have been. We believe different things, look differently, act differently and we always will! You being grumpy and annoyed won’t change that. So better work on yourself because changing others because that probably won’t work out too well for you. Oh and Mormons could definitely work on this too so don’t’s not just you.

6) Mormons know we can be annoying/weird and we try not to be. Ya Utahns have a certain way about them. Yes they can be..fill in the blank. But we try not to be. We as a people of Mormons don’t want others not to like us. We don’t want to be thought of as judgmental or snobby or that we only hang out with other Mormons, and we try not to. We can come off that way because like you, we may be afraid of something different. People usually are drawn to similarities because it’s comfortable. But communication is key.

Maybe a Mormon can be misunderstood or interpreted in the wrong way. I firmly believe you can talk things out in any situation and come out with a better understanding 90% of the time, if it’s done in the right way. If you think that a Mormon said something weird or rude to you, most likely they probably didn’t mean to, so try to look at it that way instead of thinking we’re all out to get you. I would advice you to do this with every human being and not just Mormons.

7) We probably like you. Believe it or not, just because you may look different then the average Mormon doesn’t mean we don’t like you. Most Mormons I know enjoy being around other people and making new friends, it’s our way of life. If you feel like they are judging you or looking at you weird, it may just be in your head. You may have what is called Self Fulfilling Prophecy and are just looking for reasons to validate what you already think.

8) Some Mormons aren’t so awesome..We are taught to embrace all walks of life and our doctrine and beliefs are very kind and loving. But not all of us are kind and loving. Some of us get mad and say mean things. Some of us are rude and condescending to others. Sometimes we are overly sensitive and cause problems. It’s called being human. Just because we follow Christ and try to be like Him doesn’t mean we are like Him. We are trying. Some may not apologize when they should. Some are jerks and so you move along. That’s just the world we live in bud, so moral of all these stories: Get over it. 

However, Mormons have actually done a lot of good in this world! LDS Humanitarian Services is usually the first at a national disaster and has donated countless money, clothes and food to the needy, regardless of religion or race or what have you.

9) We do not want your pity. There’s really nothing that irks me more than someone thinking I’m stuck in some cult or that I’m a belittled in this religion, especially because I’m a woman. Mormons get bad publicity sometimes but trust me, we are treated very well here thanks! Don’t believe me? Read more on my poor pathetic Mormon life here.

10) Did I mention Get over it?

I know, I’m so mean.  Still have a problem and think it’s all the Mormons fault? Get over it. Some of us are reallllllly tired of you blaming everything that goes wrong in Utah on the Mormons.  Don’t like a rule? Go vote! Instead of typing rude comments about Mormons on a news article, actively try to change it. That’s why this wonderful country we have the opportunity to vote and better our communities.

Bonus) If you want to be a Mormon it’s cool you don’t have to cry about it any longer! talk to the missionaries 😀

Why I’m a Mormon.


10 thoughts on “There are a lot of Mormons in Utah..Get Over It

    • Not sure it’s ” you should meet my sister and I.”
      I have always believed you remove the other person, ie sister in this case, and that tells you the correct pronoun to use.
      You should met me would be the case here.
      Therefore it is you should meet my sister and me. In the sentence discussed sister and me is the indirect object.
      My sister and I bought a grammar book would be correct because in this case they are the direct object.
      But language rules are transitional so, whatever, get over it. 🙂


    • “You should meet my sister and me” is correct grammar. If the author eliminates “my sister and,” then “You should meet me” stands correct while “You should meet I” would be improper grammar.

      (Nothing worse than a grammar cop who doesn’t know grammar.)


  1. Thank God there aren’t as many outside the Intermountain West. Gives the rest of us somewhere to go that isn’t full of judgement and condescension. Also, this is a pompous article. You don’t even know your Utah history.


    • I would assume you would have gathered this would be a pompous blogpost from the title. I also find it intriguing that you are alluding to the fact that outside of the Intermountain West there aren’t as many Mormons and therefore there are less people who are not judgmental and condescending. I would re-read my comment before suggesting such a ridiculous notion. Perhaps it takes one to know one? 😉


  2. You are aware that the temple ceremony used to contain an oath of vengeance against the nation?

    So, while it may seem to be awesome that Mormon now don’t hold a grudge for something which happened over 160 years ago, this wasn’t always the case.

    And, you may want to look into that Mountain Meadows Massacre. It seems like some Mormons weren’t nearly has awesome as others.


    • To say that Mormons are perfect people was never stated and to assume I don’t know about the Mountain Meadow Massacre is a bit ridiculous as well. This blogpost was written not to say that Mormons are awesome and you should love them but really regardless of what your viewpoint is you should get along with whomever is around you. Best of luck.


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