5 Ways to Be Polite

I wish I could make a video of this so you could see what I’m talking about instead of describing it. I’ve thought many times..what if I get annoyed about people being rude because I grew up in the South? Then I realized that I currently living in the same town my mother grew up in (not in the south) and southern manners have nothing to do with it..it’s just about how diligent your mother was. My mom didn’t grow up in the south so if she can do it-anyone can! So thanks Mom for teaching me how to be a human being.

Now time to help the rest of you whose mothers were lacking in this area. When someone is rude as an adult I assume they just weren’t taught by their mothers because otherwise the alternative is that they are an idiot and I want to smack them. 🙂 So let’s make this world a better place! Treat others with respect and kindness and courtesy. I don’t care what mood you’re in, if someone in your family just died..you can still be polite. I have been in AWFUL moods and still was courteous to others.

Start with the man in the mirror.

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1) When out in public, simply look people in the eye when you speak. They can hear you better, understand you better, and know that you are being respectful to them. If you look down, mumble and not speak clearly it makes it easy for you to be misunderstood and misinterpreted to being rude. (If you are an every day mumbler I don’t consider that rude but when you are in public speaking to a stranger it is important not to mumble!)

2) When you walk into any place, glance behind you to see if anyone is also coming in after you and simply hold the door open for them. I don’t care who they are, what their gender is..hold the door open. If they don’t say thank you or acknowledge you that’s their problem. But you did the right thing. It is simple but just shows you are courteous of others.

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3) When someone greets you when you walk into a store, restaurant..wherever, you look up and say hello back. This is probably the most irritating thing about when I’m working. I say loud and clear “Hello!” and try to look someone in the eye and they sometimes look up, or ignore me, then come up to the counter and say what they want and I have to swallow my pride and not get mad that they were rude to me. Sometimes I will give people a second chance and say, “How’s it goin?” just to make sure they heard me and weren’t ignoring me. Just say hi back. I get how some are shy but politeness has nothing to do with that. I don’t care how shy you are you can say hello. If you can’t: go home and practice before going out in public.

4) Say THANK YOU! (And please!) Holy crap this is the easiest thing in the world. Every two year old I ever taught at the day care I made say please and thank you. Every single time. I watch other mothers and they don’t make their kids do it, but I will. It’s the same when you are an adult then when you are two. Someone helps you at a store, someone brings food to your table, hands you your change..guess what you say?? THANK YOU! Bonus points if you look them in the eye while saying it. If not then you may hear me say, “You’re welcome!” regardless of if you say thank you are not because I believe in teaching people how to be polite. I know I’m the worst.


5) Look to serve others. Yes this is part of being polite. This isn’t what would Jesus do or what your pastor tells you because this has nothing to do with religious beliefs! This is common human courtesy to look out for others. I don’t care what you believe in, this is something every person needs to believe in. If you see someone drop something on the sidewalk on campus, bend down to pick the things up for him or her. See someone carrying lots of items, go hurry and open the door for them. It’s not that hard. It’s not that strenuous. But please take your mind off yourself for 5 seconds every day and look around and see what you can do to help someone out.

Oh and put your dang cart away at the grocery store. Don’t be a bum.. the world isn’t here to serve you!


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