My Top 10 Funny Movie Scenes

I enjoy watching movies. I started thinking of scenes I really loved from movies, and it turned out they were all pretty funny. So I guess these are my top 10 favorite funny movie scenes.. (In no particular order)

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1) Drop Dead Fred (The Restaurant Scene)

Drop Dead Fred has been one of my all-time favorite movies since I was a kid. Fred is the coolest guy ever and I wish he was real. This scene no matter how old I get still cracks me up like it did when I saw it for the first time.

 Drop Dead Fred is an imaginary friend of the girl in the scene Elizabeth. She is eating lunch with an old friend Mickey who cannot see Fred.

2) The Goonies (Chunk’s Confession)

Who doesn’t love this movie? It’s one of the best movies ever made. This scene is so memorable and hilarious and makes me love Chunk that much more. Who goes to a movie theatre and does that? Love it.

Chunk is held hostage by the bad guys: The Fratellis family. They are trying to get him to tell them where the Goonies went and to tell him he does.

3) Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Slinky Scene)

I think Jim Carrey is the funniest man alive. He can make anything funny. That’s why I love this’s so simple but it’s perfect. If you start singing: “Everyone loves a slinky..” my entire family will break out in song and quote this whole scene till..”Let’s do all the things that you wanna do!”

I love this movie. Bumblee Tuna.

4)  Ground Hog Day (Flap Jacks)

There are so many amazing parts in this movie but this scene always makes me laugh.

Bill Murray is living a life that repeats the same day over and over and over, reliving Ground Hog Day. This is one of the nights he goes crazy and recklessly drives through town with two drunks.

My favorite line “And some flap jacks!”

5) Dumb & Dumber (Most Annoying Sound in the World)

Rumor has it the beginning part of the scene was totally unscripted which just makes it even better. Of course Dumb and Dumber is one of the funniest movies ever but this scene I think capitalizes on how obnoxious and dumb Harry & Llyod are.

“Radio? Ha! Who needs a radio?”

6) The Return of the Pink Panther (Doorbell Scene)

For those of you sad human beings who haven’t seen this movie-please go get it. My little brother stumbled upon it when we were looking for cartoons of the Pink Panther to watch when I was about 8 years old. The movie started at this scene and I’ll never forget sitting there going “What is this? This isn’t the Pink Panther..but this is awesome!” Return of the Pink Panther is by far my favorite of the set. My family made the mistake of watching it together in a hotel room. We were laughing so hard the neighbors were banging on the wall yelling at us to be quiet. They missed out.

Inspector Clouseau is a a stupid french detective who is trying to find the stolen jewel, the pink panther. He goes to investigate the house of the man who stole the jewel before. Nothing else matters really..he’s just an idiot and it’s great.

7) Small Time Crooks (Water Main Scene)

This movie is a hidden gem. It is so clever and funny. It’s one my husband and I can always agree on is hilarious. The stupidity of these guys is spot on and not too much. If you watch it past the broken water mane you’ll get to my husband’s favorite scene with the backwards hats.

The men in this scene are in the basement of their cookie shop trying to drill a hole in the wall underneath the clothing store to the bank the next store over. They plan on drilling it up into the vault and stealing the money.

8) Madea Goes to Jail (Me Time)

Oh Madea. She is insane and I love her. She is my alter ego. My poor kids..

“What? What? You need some WHAT time?” Everything about this makes me die laughing.

Madea had her license suspended and is waiting for her daughter to come home from the salon and has quite the temper.

Warning: Some language.

9) What’s Up Doc? (Drugstore Scene)

This entire movie is hilarious. It is smart and witty and you miss half of it the first time around. Every time I watch it again I get another joke. It’s amazing! It was so hard to pick just one scene from this movie but I picked this one just because you meet Judy and see what a nut she is and it’s less confusing and is still funny even though you don’t really understand what’s going on.

Howard Bannister is in the drug store to get some headache medicine and then going to meet Eunice (Eunice? That’s a person name Eunice?) his fiance in five minutes.

10) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Ruprecht the Monkey Boy)

This movie is very clever as well and I love everything about it. I picked this scenes because they are a family favorite and quoted nightly at our dinner table. “Excuse me? May I go to the bathroom first? …Thank you.”

Steve Martin and Michael Caine play two men trying to trick women into giving them money by different ways. In these scenes Michael Caine gets engaged to different women and brings them home to meet Ruprecht to scare them away after they already have their money.

Every time someone talks about Oklahoma I wanna grab some pots and pans and run around yelling Oklahoma!

Honorable Mention: (Outtake from Serious of Unfortunate Events)

This never made the final movie, it’s just an outtake but I love it so much I had to put it on here. The raptor impression kills me. Obviously I’m a big Jim Carrey fan.

 This is the End (The last scene)

I didn’t put this scene because of how good the movie was. Who knows if this movie is actually any good or not. This is not one of the 10 funny movie’s just cool. It doesn’t matter because The Backstreet Boys are my favorite band of all time.

The end everyone is basically in heaven hanging out and I dunno why BSB is there.. if they wished for them to be there or not..whatever it’s awesome.

Warning: Of course, Seth Rogan says the F word in the beginning part of the scene (.9 seconds).

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