Don’t Feel Sorry For Me & My Religion

You know when someone has that look of pity or looks down on you? Doesn’t it just infuriate you or is it just me? So I am a Mormon, Latter Day Saint, whatever you are used to calling us, and sometimes people think that they know more about my religion then I do. They, who most of the time, have never even stepped foot into one of the church buildings or watched a General Conference talk, tell me what I believe. They pity me. They say oh that’s too bad you can’t do..fill in the blank. Listen up here folks, this religion didn’t trap me. They didn’t brainwash me into it. They don’t threaten me or coax me, I’m here because I want to be. I live this religion to the best of my ability every day because I love it. I know it’s true. I know it brings true and everlasting happiness and that I will live with my family forever. Sounds horrible I know, but I stick with it.

Look at my bangs haha

So for someone who is misguided, falsely educated, or read the anti-Mormon literature may think I am in a trap and they have to save me. I promise, I am ok! I am a strong sensible woman who has a loving husband and is well respected and loved in my religion. When I go to church I’m not told to shut up and just listen. To ‘be seen and not heard’. To just stay at home and make the babies. That my “husband knows best”. Nope crazy enough I am taught to council with my husband as a team. We both have different strengths and to work together. Not once has anyone even slightly hinted that I was beneath my husband. Not once have I felt inferior to the men, or even told to be silent by a man. I have been encouraged my whole life by my church and family to get a degree and find a career of my choice, and if I want to stay at home and be a full-time mom, that is great too. If someone has been rude to you or said something contrary to that, sorry he or she needs to mind their own business. But that’s not what is taught in this religion. It’s not some sneaky ploy. It’s actually very honest and loving. If you took a second to swallow your pride or push away the crazy horror stories you were told you could see it too. You would see what a loving environment we strive to have.

No one in the church is perfect. The Church is led and guided by Christ himself, but the leaders are human. Christ was the only perfect person. So if someone says something dumb, judges you, that’s on them-not the church. I wouldn’t be apart of it if it was like that. It’s such an accepting church that you can be a stupid idiot and still be apart of it, but who am I to judge. The church doesn’t interview you and say, “Have you ever said a rude remark to someone? Oh you have? Oh well, you can’t come back, we only have perfect people here.” Please. Use your mind. If Christ did have a true church it would be a place of refuge for all. Now he doesn’t encourage sinning and being rude and those sorts of things..that’s what commandments are for and the Atonement to help heal those wounds. He also has a nice Prophet to help keep us updated on things we need to be focused on. It’s pretty cool to put it lightly. I’ve met him and he is a good man.

If you don’t believe me, try going to church. See for yourself. Ask the missionaries about your questions! But there is no reason you need to pity my life and my religion. You don’t need to judge it either.

There are thousands of different religions and I bet you won’t agree with a lot of them anyways, so leave mine alone. I am free to believe what I want and so are you.

eatin at 12 bones D

For those of you that do know me, know that I am a pretty strong woman. My husband laughed when I asked him if someone asked him to describe me and I told him he should say, “she’s submissive and quiet and always does as I say.” Quite the contrary actually, I am a pistol and Josh helps me calm down when I get all in a tiff over some lady looking down on me and telling me, your religion treats women badly. YOU THINK I WOULD BE IN A RELIGION THAT TREATED ME BADLY? You think I would leave the love of my life for 18 months to be a missionary for a religion that treated me badly? You must be crazier then you think I am. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t true.

Also did you know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the world? It’s called Relief Society and I love it. It always makes me feel wonderful to be a woman and to be around other amazing women. I also highly recommend reading the book Daughters in My Kingdom if you still pity us poor Mormon women. (Download it free here

Lastly, the men do not treat the women badly. They are taught probably weekly at church to treat the women with respect, kindness and love. Every General Conference I have EVER been to has talked about how wonderful us women are. How we need to not be so hard on ourselves and just try to help out our husband because he’s basically a lost cause. (Joke..but kinda seriously) I dated non LDS boys and LDS boys always treated me better and respected my body and my desires. I know non LDS girls that told me they wish they could date Mormon boys for the same reason. They are good guys! (Especially mine.) My husband treats me like a queen. He loves me, protects me, works hard for our family and holds me when I cry. He even cuddles me every. single. night. What a jerk I know. So when you say bad things about the men in my church, I will stick up for them too because they are wonderful faithful caring men. Go meet some and see what you think.


Hopefully my rant didn’t set you back too much but it had to be done. I don’t want your pity, I don’t want your comments of sadness for me and how my religion is. I love it. I am happy and strong and so are the other women in this church. The women are empowered and loved and adored. You probably would’t understand why we live it unless you try it out yourself..jus sayin.

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P.S. Have you heard of Martha Hughes Cannon? She was a “Utah women’s rights advocate and suffragist, and Utah state senator. In 1896 Cannon became the first female state senator elected in the United States, defeating her own husband, who was also on the ballot.” Ya she was Mormon.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Sorry For Me & My Religion

  1. This has gone through my mind so many times its not even funny. Every time I have tried to ask one of my friends/acquaintances that tells me this “you think I am that way?!? ME?” They always respond “well of course not you but just like Mormons in general.” To which I want to respond “dude…I’m as Mormon as they come. News Flash: we’re all this way” hahaha. Preach girl!


    • EXACTLY. So many people are like it’s just you all the other mormons aren’t like this..I’m like uhh there are millions more Mormons that feel this way too. We are awesome 🙂 I love Mormons haha. Thanks girl!


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