Friends Can Disagree

After reading this wonderful blog about ending the Mommy Wars I began to think about how in other ways we can disagree about things and still be friends. I think their message is perfect, ‘Let’s Love More, and Judge Less’.

A friend of mine Brooke and I got together with Kylee Ann Photography and decided we would make a similar statement.


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We are friends.

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We have things in common such as,

 we love anything Disney and

we both worked at Disney World.

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We also embrace the fierce rivalry of our boy band preference 😉

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One of us supports traditional marriage,

and the other, gay marriage.

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We may not always see eye to eye..

But we are still friends.

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The message is simple. Today it is not about what I believe or what Brooke believes, it’s just about friendship.

We may never agree on everything, and that’s ok.

We don’t have to agree to be friends. 


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