The Cody Paige Blog Awards


When blogging first began I viewed it as a waste of time and never found any blogs I found interesting to read. It wasn’t until my LDS mission when I grudgingly started a blog that I came to realize that it was the perfect outlet for my passionate views about..everything. It is nice to have a place where I can put out my opinions and stories. I love telling stories.

With the celebration of the Oscars I have decided to announce the winners of my blogposts!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of you who are reading them and sharing them!

I know I am longwinded, and you probably disagree with a lot I say, but I still appreciate the fact that you stopped by! Probably my most proud moment thus far was the girl who told me at a restaurant that she recognized me because she follows my blog. (You know who you are–so thank you!)

Thank you for also not only reading, but for ‘liking’ my blogposts, re-pinning the posts on pinterest and sharing them on really have no idea how appreciative I am!

(I also know a lot of my facebook friends read my blogs and tell me they love them and don’t press the like button or share it–I still love you too. But I love people who press the like button and share it more. Ha!)

So let’s get started!

The Most Pinterest Re-Pins


1st: BYU-I

2nd: Missionaries should Know

3rd: Sunday School

4th: Why I chose to Wait

Most Shares from Blog to Facebook:


1st: He’s Just Not That Into You

2nd: Why I Chose to Wait

3rd: Pornography: Is it Really that Big of a Deal?

4th: BYU-I

Most Views from a Country:

1st: USA (Obviously)

2nd Place: Canada

3rd Place: Germany

Last Place: Belgium

The thing you have to understand about blogging for me is that once a blog has been published and people have viewed it..sometimes it dies out. However, with the help of sharing on facebook and especially re-pinning on pinterest, more people are able to read the blog and continue sharing it. I love this about social media and about people not being afraid to share their beliefs and opinions, regardless of if I even agree or not. So although the winner of the most viewed blog didn’t start as something a lot of people read, it has grown because of the help of facebook and pinterest.

I also wanted to add how surprised what a big hit Why I Chose to Wait was. I figured it was something a lot of people wouldn’t want to talk a lot about. Since I am Mormon a lot of my fellow Mormons will not speak out about sex as often as I will. (Totally understandable) But not only did LDS people share and re-pin this blog, other people of different faiths and sexualities did as well which I never would have expected. I think ‘waiting’ is something that needs to be more popular in a good light. Saving yourself for marriage is not something that is pathetic, but honorable.

Most viewed blog:


1st Place: 50 Ways to have fun at BYU-Idaho

2nd Place: Why I Chose to Wait

3rd Place: He’s Just Not That Into You

Last Place: Favorite Songs

Now to ‘The People’s Choice’ awards! Thank you to everyone who took a minute to vote.

When I wrote the first Josh & Cody Chronicles it was for several different reasons. One being my own pride because some people had no idea how we met and some thought I just met him (SPOILER ALERT! 🙂 ) after my mission and married him 2 months later. I just couldn’t let people think that! I also wanted to share the fact that love stories do exist in real life, and that I truly cherish mine.

Another reason was that I simply love re-living those experiences again. Josh and I will talk about them from time to time and sometimes people ask me so I have the chance to tell them about our dating and such..but this way you can get the full story.

Lastly, Josh HATES when I post anything on fb about something sweet and considerate he did (I get it) so this is my way of being able to let you see a side of him you probably will not see in public. He puts off this big tough guy look when really he is such a sweetheart.

Oh and finally my overly photo-documenting my life came in handy. I have pictures of a lot of these events in the Josh & Cody Chronicles, which is pretty cool if you ask me!

Your Favorite Josh & Cody Chronicles:


1st: How we Met

2nd: Mission Call

3rd: 1st Kiss

4th: Temple Endowments & Carley’s Open house

I may have mentioned before, I am pretty long-winded. I also tend to say the wrong thing and have a hard time explaining my point of view. (Just ask my husband) Blogs have been a great outlet for me to express my views where I can look over it multiple times to make sure that is what I want to say. Sometimes I go back and still make edits and add in lines because I want to make my view clear. Although I may be extremely opinionated, remember that I am always fine with anyone who disagrees. Sometimes I get overly passionate and have to real it in a bit. If I seem a bit intense, just smile and think “Oh Cody is so passionate..she is a bit crazy..” and try not to be offended! All I ask is for kindness and respect when sharing your views and I try to do the same. These blogs are also great for me because I want to help others avoid situations I had to be in and learn the hard way. I want to share experiences that may benefit someone going through a similar experience. I think something we all need to learn in life is to learn from other people’s mistakes or victories.

Your Favorite Blogs:


1s: Why I Chose to Wait

2nd He’s Just not that Into You

3rd: 10 Things Every Missionary Should Know

4th: 10 Things Every Bride Should Consider

Other fun facts:


Most viral Blogpost: He’s Just Not That Into You 

My favorite fan: Nichole Toy

I would like to publicly thank Nichole because she continually likes my blogs and reposts them and helps spread some of the blogs that I feel need to be spread. So HUGE thank you to Nichole!! You probably didn’t know this but I do notice what you do for me, you are such a great friend and I wish you didn’t live so far away.

Cody’s Awards

Although you may not realize it..sometimes I get pretty nervous to post some of these blogs and are even timid about it after I posted it. Sometimes I secretly hope no one views it because I get scared of what people will think. Sometimes I post one and think this one is great I hope a lot of people read it and it’s a dud. As they say in show business: There’s no accounting for the public’s taste!


Most terrifying blog to share:

To Overcome Abuse

Blog I think is most important to read and share:

Latter Day Saints: Stand Up For Who You Believe In

The blog that still embarrasses me the most to think about:

Dating Advice from a Married Girl: Take it or Leave it.

The blog I had to re-write the most to try to hopefully offend less people and still get my point across:

The Witch Hunt for Racists

The hardest blog to write:

Pornography: Is it really that Big of a Deal?

Blog I wish was more popular:

10 Things Every Bride Should Consider

Most surprising hit:

He’s Just Not That Into You


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