The Witch Hunt for Racists

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This is me: a white american girl. I don’t really get offended when someone calls me a white girl. I think ethnicities are fascinating! I love knowing someone’s family lineage of where they can from and how they came to America. I love that Americans can have so much ancestry from all over the world, I think it is a beautiful thing. I think the true meaning of a melting pot is cultures all coming together and celebrating their heritages, but not judging the heritage.  

I disagree that we should not see in color. We all can’t notice someone’s beautiful ethnic traits and can’t compliment them on it? That’s what I’m hearing. Call me a stupid white girl if you must.  I’m not 100% white but I am not offended when people call me a white girl. My skin is white. I tan nicely in the summer and have been asked if I was hispanic before and I thought that was very flattering. (No I am not far as I know) So please explain to me why I can’t ask other people of their ethnic background? Why can’t I celebrate this country’s history of inter-racial marriages. Why do we all have to step on egg shells when it comes to race? If you aren’t racist then your questions may come off ignorant, but not hateful. We are all ignorant about something, but that doesn’t mean we need to be offended by it.

For instance, I am a Mormon so throughout my life people have asked me how many moms I have, if I worship Joseph Smith, if I have to be completely submissive to my husband..I could go on and on. People have told me what I believe and what my religion is. Yes it can come off as even rude or hateful from the person but guess what..I choose not to be offended. Did you know that there was an Extermination Order against Mormons in 1838? Yes Missouri kicked all Mormons out of the state because of their religion. There was a whole lot of misinformed people that decided Mormons had to go. My relatives had to flee the state to Utah, some in the middle of winter with not so much as shoes on their feet. It is a sad and horrible thing. But, it was also years ago! No one is alive that did that to my family members, and they didn’t do it to me personally either.

Yes some people are still rude to me because I am a Mormon. Wouldn’t date me. Told me I was going to hell. Once in high school I had countless people whom I had called friends at one point attack me for my religion, swear at me, send me hate mail, write all over my pictures of me in yearbooks horrible words and called me names. I cried myself to sleep for weeks. (Some of them later apologized to me)

So ya I kind of have an idea of what it feels like to be discriminated a small way. I don’t think anyone is exempt from it. We could talk about my Polish relatives who died in WWII just because they were Polish. But we let all these things go. People make mistakes. It does not mean we should repeat mistakes, but learn from them. There is so much discrimination against any religion, any race, and any ignorant stereotype.

Do we even know what a racist is? Definition: “a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.” I do not believe my race is superior to another. My asking you your ethnic background because you have a charcoal brown skin tone does not make me think I am superior to you. People have asked me if I was Russian because of my maiden last name. It’s Polish and I love my heritage so I don’t want people to say I’m Russian (nothin against russians!) but there’s no reason to get all bent out of shape over it. It was just a question.

I think it’s great that we all come from different countries. So I’m not allowed to talk to someone about their race? Asking that no way implies to the definition of racism and I cannot fathom how on earth that is racist. If you are sensitive about your race then you may be offended by any comment from someone whether it is meant to be offensive or meant to be a compliment.

I think it’s good to even make fun of our stereotypes form time to time and not take ourselves too seriously. Like the Book of Mormon Musical. Instead of being offended by the hilarious South Park guys and their extremely crass ways..I think some of the songs are pretty cleaver and yes Mormon missionaries act just like this!! (These guys really nail it. I mean the side smile at 1:15. SPOT ON!!) I think everyone just needs to relax. Chill out ya’ll.

Do as my friend says and “Get over it.” Do we all have to be offended by every little thing? Do we all have to be constantly searching for reasons to be offended over race or sexuality even? The answer is no! Wouldn’t this world be a better place that if instead of people being constantly offended instead they thought, what is this person trying to say? Are they malicious of their intent or are they just curious or are they even complimenting me?? And if they are malicious then walk away. Let it go. People have issues.

But I am saying we need to be kind and considerate to everyone. I am not saying that all the ignorant comments are ok..but they aren’t always hateful. Ignorance can be fixed with knowledge and education. Educate someone. Say no actually I am part Powhatan so that’s why I look white but tan so well so thanks haha. And then you move on.

You never know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes right? White people can be made fun of their race too! White people can’t dance, jump, sing, have no rhythm or soul..I mean the stereotypes are there as well. “You are white so you have it easy.” “Your life must never have been hard.” Ya I’m white and I come from a home where my parents are still married and I never had to worry about food. Yes, my problems are different then other people’s in this world but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a sad day or a struggle or two. That’s my personal life. You don’t know me by my race. I get frustrated too when people think they know me by my religion or skin tone. We are all humans and we all have different struggles on this earth. Yes I am grateful for what I have and no I am not trying to say my struggles are just as bad as everyone else’s but they are mine and I deal with them how I can. Life is not perfect for anyone.

So let’s just all call a truce. If someone says an ignorant comment to you or a question that you swallow your pride, and look for understanding. You seek love and not hate in this world and no longer continue on this witch hunt for racists. If someone is racist, it’s pretty clear. So they’re racist. The world is full of jerks. The world is full of turmoil and issues. But that doesn’t mean we have to take every little comment and blow it out of proportion.

This country has struggled with race since the existence. Yes we all need to love each other and look at each other as equals regardless of religion, weight, beauty, possessions, money, sins, struggles, sexuality, and any and all the stupid thing we fight about. We are all equals. But we are all different colors too. Embrace it. Love it. Celebrate it. Stop complaining about it.

In one sentence this can sum this all up: God made us all different colors and sizes but we are all equal and that is what makes this world so wonderful.


3 thoughts on “The Witch Hunt for Racists

  1. I for one do not get offended when someone asks about my ethnicity. For the most part, I do agree with your premise on seeing people and not color. The truth of the matter is that most white people do not think like you. You have faced discrimination based on your faith and so you know the humiliation and pain that it inflicts. However, you can change or even deny your faith (most would not), but you cannot change the color of your skin, the slant of your eyes, or the thickness of your lips.
    Although you may not be a racist, many still believe that the white race is superior. This has crossed over into other races being on the defensive and feeling obligated to show otherwise. So, not only are some whites racist but so are other races. I am Puerto Rican born but raised in Philadelphia. My wife is white, Irish German. Even today we get stares and comments from both the Spanish and white community. Although your premise is an honorable one it is still unrealistic and will be for some time to come.


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