Vote for Your Favorite Blogpost!


In honor of the Academy Awards I have decided to have my own award ceremony!

Please vote on your favorite topic blogpost and or Favorite Josh & Cody Chronicles blogpost.

Thank you all for viewing my blog and making this a fun experience for me.

Votes will be counted and announced Sunday Night (March 2nd)

Vote below:

Favorite Topic Blogpost:

Vote Below:

Favorite Josh & Cody Chronicles:

Topic Blogposts:

50 ways to have Fun at BYU-Idaho
Why I chose to Wait
He’s Just Not that Into You
Home page / Archives
10 Tips For Teaching Sunday School
10 Things Every Missionary Should Know
Pornography: Is it really that big of a deal?
the hardest day of my life
10 Things Every Bride Should Consider
To Overcome Abuse
A Tribute to My Mission
About Cody Paige
Ice Skating Date
Observing the Holidays
My Christmas Miracle
my sneaky cute nieces
A lil Olivia Jane for Mother’s Day
General Conference/ Mission Reunion
I dig these songs
let’s go to the park
Don’t You Give Up
Latter Day Saints: Stand up for Who you believe in
Super duper belated Christmas post

Josh & Cody Chronicles Blogposts:

Josh & Cody Chronicles I: How We Met
Josh & Cody Chronicles II: How I Almost Lost My Shot

Josh & Cody Chronicles III: Meant to Be

Josh & Cody Chronicles IV: The First Kiss

Josh & Cody Chronicles V: The DTR

Josh & Cody Chronicles VI: I love You

Josh & Cody Chronicles VII: Meet the Parents

Josh & Cody Chronicles VIII: My Mission Call

Josh & Cody Chronicles IX: Temple Endowments & Carley’s Openhouse



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