Josh & Cody Chronicles IX: Temple Endowments & Carley’s Openhouse

The last week I was in Logan was a blur of fun filled life changing moments. The first being when I went through the temple for the first time to receive my endowments. Luckily it was around the same time Carley was getting married to Matt so my whole family was able to be there! Although the Temple is a sacred place I can say that walking into the Celestial Room and seeing my family waiting for me was truly like walking into Heaven. I will never forget that feeling of joy that overcame me with peace and love. I remember we were so giddy and loud that we were asked to be quiet (because you are supposed to whisper) so we left and went to lunch before we got kicked out (not really but kinda haha). Love my loud family. Josh didn’t join me in the temple because we both agreed it was best to just have family there that day.

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We had a lot of things going on Carley’s wedding luncheon, her open house, my endowments, moving back to was all a blur and a lot of fun.

prob my fav picture of us )

Carley’s Open house will go down as one of the happiest days of my life. It was the day I received my endowments and then we drove down to her open house. My family was there, Josh and Laura. I really couldn’t ask for anything more. It was such a joyous occasion and I was so happy to see her marry such a great guy! Some of us sat down and played a game where you write on a piece of paper then pass it to the person on your left. They draw what the sentence says then fold it so the next person can only see the drawing and writes a sentence about that. It goes on until you get back your original paper. It’s such a fun game and we had a blast playing it! I was laughing so hard and my family was all in on it. I love moment slike that. Everyone kept looking over at our table like we were crazy haha. One round I whispered to everyone to all write their sentences about Josh. After about the third or fourth pass Josh said, “Wait why are all of these about me??” Everyone burst out laughing. Half the photos had pictures of Josh’s hair swooped up in the air and references to ‘Shark Boy’ as my dad liked to call him. Good thing I love sharks 😉

Another fun side note of that day was that when Carley tossed her bouquet-I caught it! One of her friends seemed pretty annoyed and said, “But she’s going on a mission!!!”

On our way down that night Josh said he could feel something different about me after I went through the temple. It does something to you. It made me feel even closer to Josh which was a strange affect. It was pretty funny though because Laura drove us down to Carley’s open house and Josh was in the backseat and I turned around to look at him and smile and after a few seconds Laura said, “Ugh are you guys just staring into each other’s eyes! akldfa ughhhh stop it!!” haha Josh and I were obnoxiously in love I guess!

After the open house Josh and I went to USU’s campus and sat on the hill overlooking the temple and talked about what happened that day. We also talked about how one day we would get married in that temple. I was sealed to my family for all time and eternity when I was 2 or 3 in that same temple. I had then received my endowments in that temple and what more fitting then to get married in that very temple.

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