Josh & Cody Chronicles VIII: My Mission Call


Ok so we know that before I met Josh I was totally planning on serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since I honestly can remember breathing. When I was planning on serving a mission the minimum age was 21 for girls to go. As 21 quickly approached I became more aware of how demanding serving a mission can be and started truly seeking if I was supposed to go. I remember praying one night and going on a run and ending up on a bench behind the Rexburg Temple. I remember feeling overcome with assurance that I needed to serve a mission. I was scared. I remember I was concerned about how I just got a new laptop and I was nearing my senior year and maybe I should just finish and then go. Even though I had received my answer I tried praying and asking God again. This time, I was searching in my scriptures. I stumbled upon D&C 12:3-8. I was struck by the words in these scriptures almost like it was a direct answer to my prayer. In verse 5 it even says, “If you ask of me you shall receive..” 6: “Now as you have asked, behold I say unto you, keep my commandments and seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion. Every word struck me to my core. 9: “give heed with your might, and then you are called.” I knew this was my answer. I knew this was what God wanted so from then on I did not doubt and I started my papers to serve a mission.


I officially began the paper work and doctor’s visits in December 2009. However, I remember silly things keeping me from turning them in by March (my 21st birthday) when I wanted to send them in. I wanted my call for my birthday present but because I was unable to finish them in my current ward they had me wait until I would move again for the summer and finish them in the single’s ward I was living in in Logan Utah with my aunt, when I met Josh.


At the time I was extremely frustrated and didn’t understand why I had to wait so long. Now I know it was because I was supposed to meet Josh. Which brings me to my point. By the time I fell in love with Josh, I knew I was supposed to go on a mission and not even my soul mate could stop me. Listening to others say oh well if you meet that one you need to stay home and get married just made me smile politely and walk away. I wasn’t marrying this sucker for another year and a half and that was that. But, I sat down with my Bishop and he insisted I prayed and asked God about it. I insisted I already had my answer but I prayed and surprisingly my answer was that they were both good choices and it was up to me. So obviously, I chose the mission.

The day I got my mission call I went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple with my singles ward. My aunt texted me while we were at lunch that my call had come! So I spent hte next few hours dying in anticipation. However I do remember sitting in the temple next to Brittany Checketts (now Huish) talking about how one day we were both going to marry our boys. (And we did!)



Opening my call I remember my hands were trembling. My sweet Nana was sitting next to me, I had my family on skype on my laptop and cell phones on speakerphone for some of my friends who weren’t there. My Aunt had people guess where I was going to go on a piece of paper. Josh took 4 and on 3 of them he guessed Neverland, Narnia and Hobbiton. He left the fourth one blank and after I got my call wrote down my actual mission once I announced it and for a second I thought he was amazing. Good one Josh.

i was so nervous HOLDING MY CALLjusttt about to open my call )oh my gosh i was shaking

Anyways so I opened my call and immediately started bawling. Not because I was sad but because I was overwhelmed with joy. As I read the words: Santa Rosa California Mission I felt the Spirit so strong. It was perfect. That’s where I was meant to go! It literally had never crossed my mind that I would go to California and I was glad because I had a ton of places I did not want to go (texas, new jersey, russia, the south, anywhere super freezing or super hot and humid minus the Dominican was a long list) and Cali was not on either list! Funny enough, Northern California is not really super hot or super cold. God loves me! 

Opening my Mission call with my grandma ) SANTA RO

It wasn’t until later that I realized a kid that I grew up with Blaine Howell got the exact same mission call from my Branch back home..small world!

just dying i was so happy hahah

I wasn’t even bummed it didn’t say spanish speaking. I wanted to speak spanish for years and had tried and literally  received my first F ever in Spanish. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. But then, as I read further along it said that I would be called to speak the Spanish language. I started screaming at that point! Spanish speaking! I could hardly believe it! My dream had come true! I would finally be fluent in spanish!!


My Grandma was sitting next to me this whole time but is deaf in one ear and probably couldn’t hear me well because I was screaming/crying/sobbing/not making any sense so she asked, “Where are you going?” I couldn’t stop crying and said: “Santa Rosa California!” “Where?” “Santa Rosa!” My cousin video’d it all, it’s pretty great.

i was so happy hahah

In that moment I think really was the happiest moment of my life up to that point. It was just the best. Words can’t explain my excitement and joy and complete peace I felt. I was destined to go to Santa Rosa California. What a feeling. I could feel that this was going to be the time of my life. I could feel the love for the people of California whom I hadn’t even met yet. But I knew I loved them already.

i love my nana )


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