My Christmas Miracle

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love feeling the warm Christmas spirit especially when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. My husband and I were not able to return to NC for Christmas this year so I began a search for a Christmas tree within our budget and turned to my facebook friends. Within minutes I had several people giving me ideas of finding a budget-savvy tree, as well as offering to let me even borrow their tree for the season! I was so touched by the offers and helpfulness, but was not prepared for what happened next.

On my mission I met a wonderful lady named Debbie who would let us do our laundry every P-Day at her apartment. Debbie is always looking for ways to help others even though she had plenty to do with her job with social work and a family that needed her help. She strived to have every girl in the Ukiah church feel welcomed and loved and did everything she could for them. Needless to save, this woman has given more enough of her fair share. This same wonderful lady messaged me yesterday and informed me that she had purchased a Christmas Tree for me and would be able to pick it up that day!  I can’t express to you how happy, touched, and loved I felt. It send a surge of excitement and Christmas Spirit through me like I haven’t felt in years. This lady truly understands Christlike love and what Christmas is all about. She simply told me to pay it forward.

I thought about it and I’ve decided to pay it forward in the best way I know how..with photography! If you know of anyone who is in need of Family photos please comment at the bottom of the page with their information and story or visit my website and go to the contact section where you can fill out a form to my email. (click here to visit site)

I will do a FREE family photoshoot for three separate families. I would love to hear the stories you have to share about a family who would benefit from a family photo. If you don’t know anyone, share this with friends so maybe they know someone who is in need. I am so exited to be able to pay it forward, so please help me with this! I would only hope I would be able to help some families feel the love of Christmas that Debbie gave to my family today.

We need more people on this earth like Debbie!


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