Josh & Cody Chronicles VII: Meet the Parents


Meeting the parents is usually a pretty big deal when you know you are going to marry someone. When I met Josh’s parents I didn’t know I was going to meet them until the day before I did. That was probably for the best so I didn’t stress out too much about it. I always thought the first time meeting my future husband’s parents would be kind of like meeting Ian’s family on my Big Fat Greek Wedding. Quiet, hopefully not awkward and just dinner with the four of us. Of course in my situation, I was Ian in this case.. meeting Toula’s family..and just as surprised/terrified.


It was the Sunday of Josh’s parents homecoming talk in their family ward (church). They had just gotten back from serving a mission in New Mexico. Josh and I were late and sat in the back in the hard metal chairs. As we listened to their talks I thought how nice of people they were and thought it was pretty cool they served missions. I remember the closing hymn was ‘Families Can Be Together Forever’. When Josh and I attend church together he usually doesn’t sing and listens to me sing. (He can’t sing on tune very well and I think it’s so cute but shh don’t tell him) As we started to sing the words I surprisingly got very choked up. I started to cry and felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace. I was so confused! Josh realizing I had stopped singing turned to me and asked me why. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and he just said “Aww you are so cute.” It didn’t hit me until about a year later that I felt the Spirit in that moment because as we were singing that song, I was surrounded by Josh’s future family.


It’s a pretty big LDS tradition to have a meal after a homecoming talk so we all headed over to the Lowery’s after their talks. As we drove further out into the middle of nowhere Utah (Avon/Paradise) I couldn’t help but think about how I always wanted to marry a boy from a country home. Pulling up in front of his house made me smile. There was a big tree and an older white house surrounded by pastures and a barn. Sometimes I think I can be telepathic. When I said I felt like Ian in my Big Fat Greet Wedding, I wasn’t kidding. Josh’s entire family was there. I have no idea who all was there. It was kind of a blur to me I won’t lie. There are 7 kids in his family so for all I know they were all there with all of their families. It was insane. I spoke to Josh’s Mom when she served us funeral potatoes. I thought she could see through my soul and see I was a terrible person and didn’t deserve her son haha. Everyone kept talking to me and saying nice comments to me.  I hope they didn’t think I was rude but I felt extremely overwhelmed. Usually at parties I can be pretty friendly and even funny..that day I was just terrified.


It was a beautiful summer day so there were tables set outside the house with chairs. Josh and I picked a table with no one around it but quickly his Dad joined our table. Luckily, his Dad is not intimidating and very kind and we were able to chat a lot about the south and pecan pie.


I loved Josh’s nieces and nephews running around and how they wouldn’t leave him alone. A couple girls kept running up, smacking Josh’s butt and yelling “Josh butt!” and “Joshy Woshy Cow!” then cracking up, and running away again. It’s pretty adorable to watch how much kids love that boy and how much he loves them. (Don’t tell him I said that either!)


All in all it was a good day..just very tiring. I was nervous to make a good impression but meeting his entire family in one setting was a bit much for me. I was happy to know that his family is extremely friendly and loving. I was glad I was able to meet his Grandma there before she passed away. I’ll never forget that she told Josh that she was surprised what a pretty girl he had. Yup, that’s me. I was impressed too g’ma.


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One thought on “Josh & Cody Chronicles VII: Meet the Parents

  1. Aww, Cody…I am so glad you joined our family. We are pretty loud and always fighting for attention, so I can see how intimidating we can be. Hopefully you’ve also found that we are all bark and no bite. 🙂


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