Josh & Cody Chronicles V: The DTR

According to Urban Dictionary a DTR means to: “Define The Relationship. When two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship (casual dating, serious boyfriend, etc)”.


Quickly after our first kiss I fell pretty hard for this boy, but I still felt reservations for going on a mission. I realized I liked this boy more than a little bit and we literally spent every day together after that. I had to know what was going on in his head.

One night we went to the Demolition Derby with some of his friends. They were surprised that I was from the south and had never been to a Demolition Derby before..I explained I was from the south, not redneck. (joke)


After the derby we walked over to a nearby park and blasted music in their cars and had a parking lot dance party.


As it started getting really dark at the park we played on the swings and then some people started heading home because the parks close at dusk. Josh and I headed over to a ballpark field to talk.

As we laid under the stars (presh) we talked about us and I finally asked him, “why are you spending time with me?” If I had my journal in my apartment (which I don’t, it’s in NC and I’m in UT) I could tell you word for word what he said because I was an avid journal keeper. Alas, we will have to go off of my memory of that night 3 years ago..

He told me that he knew I was going on a mission and I would be leaving him at the end of the summer, but he would rather spend every day with me having fun and getting to know me better and leaving him then spend every day wondering what would happen if he had. Then he said some cute thing about how it will suck and he will be sad but it will all be worth it. He said it like it would be the dumbest idea in the world not to be with me while he could. Again I felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks book and was swept away by his sweet unbelievable words. I mean for those of you who know Josh, he doesn’t seem to be the super mushy sweet romance-y guy..but he is!

(hopefully he never will read my blogposts or he’ll kill me for spilling all his secrets!)


After our chat we headed back to his car and some cops pulled up with a flashlight. I can’t remember what they asked us but Josh was very cool about it and chatted it up with them about the Demo Derby. They asked for our IDs and then let us go home. Luckily they didn’t catch us in the field or we probably would have gotten in trouble and luckily Josh is a sweet talker.

We seem to run into the cops every time we are at a park  and yes it annoys me but, I’m grateful they do patrol the parks because they are pretty darn safe probably because of them.

Logan feelings are so bittersweet!

After that night we became official (not on facebook) and literally spent every minute we could together the rest of the summer until I drove back to NC and left him on my Aunt’s front porch..but that’s another story.

July 12, 2010 6:46AM This weekend was amazing. Saturday I got off work and waited for Josh. He picked me up with Riley and we headed to the derby demolition. I tired to dress like a redneck and Josh wore this ridiculous flower button up haha he looked so cute. We sat with Blake and his gf and his other friend that we skated with before. The Derby was so fun! These people drove around in a pit trying to hit each other till they got stuck or their car broke. I couldn’t fully enjoy it cuz my head hurt but it was still so fun. I really like all his friends too. Josh told me they really like me too and that it’s really hard to be one in the group. I feel like I’ve got a good shot.
After, the derby we went to this park for kids with disabilities and had a random dance party in the parking lot with Doodle’s car. It reminded me of Alicia and I’s dance parties when she would drop me off at home and we’d blast the music and dance around the car and random people would join in. After that, we went to play and poor Doodle put his hand in some kid’s throw up and ran to the sprinkler to wash it off and then got clothes-lined by a tree limb and fell and then got hit by a swing and it was hilarious. Josh and I played on the lil bouncy toys and everyone else played on the swings. I love how Josh would kiss me randomly throughout the night even though his friends were right there. He told me he felt comfortable kissing me in front of his friends which he normally wouldn’t. Aw he makes me feel so special.
Everyone started walking back to the car so we followed but then they disappeared so we just started talking outside the car. We started to talk about my mission call cuz it was supposed to come but got sent to NC and he told me he really wanted to see me open my call. I told him I didn’t want him to be there. He said that was fine. I said I was sorry I was being so selfish. He said you can do what you want, it’s your mission call. I said you know what I mean. I felt like I was making him like me and I could kiss him and make things even harder and then just leave and maybe he could try to keep me to stay but it wouldn’t work. So I needed to know what he was thinking. I asked him, “Why are you doing this?” He said, “Because you’ve made me not wanna hang out with other girls.” “No I mean spending time with me when you know I’m leaving.” Then he said something I thought were only in movies.. “I know it can’t last forever but I’d rather spend this last month being with you than not and wishing I had.” “But it’s just going to make it harder when I leave.” “I honestly, think it would be harder not to hang out with you this last month.” I told him Alicia once told me this story about a girl who was on a date with this guy and said, “I’m gonna write this in my journal.” haha I told him I was gonna write this in my journal and that day he wrote about me at work. 🙂
He told me I was such a good girl and I got so excited he thought I was a good girl! We laughed about how we were just lying in a baseball field doing nothing and having so much fun! We finally left cuz it was really late and as soon as we were walking out we saw a flashlight in the park and though that was kinda weird but got int he car and then this cop on a bike stopped us and asked for our ID’s. Josh started talking to the other cop about how this one time he got arrested fora  fix it ticket haha. He was being so calm and really just chattin it up with the cop. It made me realize how great Josh was and how handy to have around. He can make a friend out of anyone in any situation. That’s why he went to Texas on his mission haha. The cop got his info and asked for our addresses and phone numbers and told us parks were closed at dark and let us go. Haha stupid Utah cops.

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