Josh & Cody Chronicles IV: The First Kiss


BEWARE: This will be my mushiest blogpost yet. I mean, look at the freakin title for cryin out loud. You know this is gonna be good! So grab a barf bag and read on:

After our first kiss, it was like everything before was washed away. I was seriously blown away. True love is real. It isn’t forced. It isn’t predictable either. Although, I did see our first kiss coming.

After our night at Village Inn we went on a few more dates and hung out with his guy friends more. They were a fun group of guys and I was impressed about how normal they were and how I could be myself around them. I enjoyed our adventures I spent with them almost daily and I liked the fact that when Josh asked me if I wnated to do something, he followed through and didn’t play games with me. (That’s pretty rare)

I was nervous about telling him I was going on a mission  because I assumed he had no idea and wouldn’t want to hang out with me anymore, or worse-convince himself that he could keep me from going on my mission! One night on our way to a dance party I finally spilled the beans and he was very nonchalant about it. (I had no idea he already knew) He thought it was cute that I was so worried about telling him when it really didn’t bother him at all. After that, I was pretty relieved and my crush on him was free to grow even more from that point on.

The week up to the Fourth of July is kind of a big deal in Logan. I’ve enjoyed the festivities since I was a kid. The cruise in, the fireworks at the stadium in Logan and then the Hyrum fireworks. Friday I went to the Cruise In with some other friends because Josh hadn’t asked me to hang out with him yet. I was sad as I biked home from work that day and noticed the cruise in parade lined up. One of my friends texted me to tell me where they were and I joined them. Minutes later Josh invited me but it was too late. I wanted to meet up with them but I had already said yes to the other group and I didn’t want to be rude and ditch them. You snooze you loose Josh.

Saturday my family gathered at Nana’s and we had sparklers and snacks and watched the fireworks there. Josh was with his friends at the Stadium and I remember wishing I could be with him, but I wanted to be with my family.

Finally Sunday everything worked out. After I got home from church he texted me that he had car troubles and so he currently had a new mote of transportation. He said I just had to see it. I thought, “It better not be a mo-ped.” A few times he had tried to convince me to come hang out with him and his friend Kellen whom he was living with at the time. He said I had to meet Kellen. He told me later he was just trying to come up with reasons for me to be with him. I was good at playing hard to get sometimes and avoided meeting Kellen until that night. This time he told me I just had to see his new ride and also drive up to meet Kellen. I gave in and grabbed his gold star I made him.


So of course: He pulled up on a silver mo-ped. Why was I not surprised? He was wearing his gray suit from church and looked pretty handsome. (Fun fact: The night of our wedding we drove off on his mo-ped) I knew he was going to try to kiss me that night..but I hadn’t made up my mind if I was ready yet. I was actually pretty nervous!


So I met Kellen (who is an awesome guy and he met his awesome wife not too long after that) and the three of us hung out in his basement a bit and played with the pugs. We talked about my mission and Josh tried to act all cool but I’m pretty sure he was nervous like me. [Refer to the video below]

03-josh and his gold star he earned haha

Fun fact: Josh wore this suit the same day we got marriedi love the teddy bear haha

 Josh also held my hand for the first time as we were on the floor talking to Kellen. I didn’t want to be obvious and take a picture of it..but I kind of did anyways.


Then he gave me his watch because I told him when a guy likes a girl, he gives her his watch to wear.

gangster watch

i 3 pugs

Since this 4th of July fell on Sunday, Logan doesn’t have fireworks from the town so we headed up the mountains so we could get a good shot of the whole town and just watch the random fireworks people shot up in the sky from their yards. We drove to Cliffside Park on Josh’s scooter and then he invited me to sit on a bench with him in someone’s yard. He promised me he knew who lived there but that wasn’t exactly reassuring either!

The Kiss

(It gets a bit mushy(ier) from here!)

As we sat there on the mountains watching the fireworks go off my mind was so distracted. I was still deciding if I wanted to kiss him or not. People always joke about ‘filling your canteen’ (kissing a lot of people) before your mission and I never wanted that to be me. But, here I was, out with a boy who was about to kiss me. I thought, if I kiss him now, we’re probably going to kiss again before the summer I want that? I was not into the casual making out thing but that’s not what this was. I realized I really did like this boy. I did want to kiss him, probably more than once I imagined.

I avoided Josh’s eye contact until I was ready. I knew if I avoided looking at him, he probably wouldn’t try to kiss me. Finally I came to the conclusion I wanted him to kiss me so I turned to him and looked him in the eye and said, “Well, it looks like all the fireworks are over..” And then he leaned in and kissed me.

The best fireworks of the night were the ones that went off when he kissed me. I felt a feeling go through my whole body I had never felt before. This kiss was electric, intensifying and well, amazing. I had told myself, just one kiss and that’s it. But after that I really couldn’t stop there. It was hands down the best kiss ever. I couldn’t have imagined kissing being so good before that moment. That’s the moment I began to fall in love with Josh Lowery. That’s when it became real.

I remember thinking what in the world just happened??  This boy is such a good kisser! Why was that the best kiss by far of my life? I’m serious, my mind was blown away. I never saw that coming. Just as I was going in for another kiss, these huge headlights shown above us. I heard a girl get out of the car and shout a name..Josh didn’t answer. He told me it was Savannah and he yelled at her who he was and she was excited to hear it was him and walked down to the bottom of her yard where we were sitting, on here bench. I was mortified. This was exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

Luckily she didn’t talk about the elephant in the room and was very kind and introduced herself to me and asked us if we wanted to go to Betos to get mexican food. We said no and I said we better get going. She went inside and I was still in shock and horror of her catching us on her bench in her back yard kissing!  But then Josh was back hugging me and holding my hand helping me back down the hill to his scooter and I quickly forgot about that. I remember him twirling me like we were dancing and thinking I was in a Nicholas Sparks book. This was a fairy tale. No boy had ever treated me so well. He was making me giddy and so freaking happy.

I went home on a cloud. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for that. This boy? How did he make me feel this way? It was beyond anything I’d ever imagined before. I felt like Cinderella dancing around singing, So This is love. But really, I had no idea at the time I was falling in love for the first time in my life, quickly.


July 6, 2010 6:51 AM “Sunday church was good. I bore my testimony and I talked about how I felt bad for my sister cuz she’s getting married and I get to go on a mission! But after church Josh told me he needed to take me on a ride cuz his car broke so he got a new form of transportation..I was like oh no it’s gonna be a mo-ped and it was haha. It actually is a nice one and went pretty fast. We went to Kellen’s and played with his pugs and I gave Josh his gold star I made him. It was white so I painted it yellow and then painted gold glitter on top and then put his name on it. He loved it and put it above the tv in their den haha. And then the 3 of us wrote a song haha it was great. And then josh and I left to go watch the fireworks. He took me to this park on a hill and we climbed it and then went further to this bench in his friend’s back yard. I was really hesitant about it but he swore he knew them..So we sat and watched the sporadic fireworks through the valley and cuddled and talked. I knew he wanted to kiss me and so i thought about.. We hang out all the time..he held my hand..I have a whole month left’s gonna happen eventually so ti may as well happen now that I’m in complete control and I approve of this situation. I knew all I had to do was look up at him to give him the sign cuz the whole time I’d been avoiding long eye contact. So I finally just looked up at him and he leaned in 90 % of the way..and then I came 10.
It was a good kiss and I liked it a lot. There was something very different about it..and very unexpected. He was a lot better than I’d thought he’d be-but then again..I hadn’t given much thought cuz I’d only decided I liked him that week haha.  I was impressed and quite shocked. He was a dang good kisser. I can’t get enough of his kissing but then someone pulled up and I was pissed haha. Then she got out of the car and was like Bryce? Josh was like no it’s raptor. She came over and was so relieved. It was Savannah. She was really nice and wasn’t awkward at all even though I’ve not felt much more awkward in my life. She went inside and I told Josh we should leave. So as we were walking down the hill she yelled out, “Hey do you guys wanna go to Betos?” We said no and then walked down the hill holding hands and he’d swirl me around and bring me in and hold me and kiss me. He really knows how to make a girl feel special.
Yesterday I had the day off. After we got home from Bear Lake I just hung out till Josh picked me up for the fireworks. They were in Hyrum and were great! We laid on a field and they were right above us and were huge-it was really cool! I laid there and cuddled up in a blanket with Josh and his friend Ethem was there with some of their friends. After everyone left Josh and I watched the stars come out and talked about last night. We talked about how I almost didn’t let him kiss me and he told me I was really hard to get and it’d been 3 weeks! He was just waiting for me to look at him last night and how he knew and noticed every time he walked me to my door I’d avoid his eyes so he wouldn’t kiss me and he told me he hates those so he wouldn’t have tried to kiss me at the door. He told me if I hadn’t kissed him last night he’d try again. Kissing him is too much fun I’m worried!”

ps Josh went to Texas on his mission 😉

(Sorry for the bad quality of the video)

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