Josh & Cody Chronicles II: How I Almost Lost My Shot

One night I was on FB (surprise surprise) and this boy Josh messages me and we start to talkin. (If you missed how we met read it here first) I remember it was really late at night and I was living at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Josh asked me what I was doing so I told him I was watching Cartoon All-Stars! An anti-drug movie I watched as a kid and sent him the link. We both started watching it with commentary and I remember laughin so hard I had to smother my life in a pillow so not to wake my Aunt and Uncle. I thought this kid is hilarious! He is making me laugh like a fool.

That night he told me we should play sometime. I told him definitely if it entailed catching tadpoles. He asked for my number and then went to sleep. The next night he asked me to come out with him and his friends to go hot-tubing. It was around 9 or 10 at night and I said I couldn’t because I had to wake up at 7 to bike to work by 8. He told me I would be fine and I should come anyways. I told him I’d be tired the next morning and he promised me that I wouldn’t be. I then said YOLO! (Not really) He then picked me up with his friends a few minutes later.

They were all still in their street clothes and I was in my swimsuit with a tank top and shorts over the top. (I thought we were going to go hot tubing!) I felt really awkward getting in a car full of guys I hardly knew feeling half-naked.  I was worried if all these Mormon boys would think I was kinda a slut haha.

We ended up at Kellen’s house in the hot tub and I was feeling uncomfortable so I remember I kept my tank top on. (Later Josh and I talked about this and he said he wondered why I did that) The conversation turned to the boys joking about when girls decide to go on missions most of them just go because they can’t find a husband. I chickened out on telling them I was going on a mission at that moment because I didn’t want Josh to know yet and NOT because of what they had said. Instead, I told them my gorgeous friend Alicia was going on a mission and she could make a boy fall in love with her in a heart beat. Josh later told me he already knew at that point that I was planning on going on a mission because of something said on facebook and that he didn’t care and thought it was funny I didn’t bring it up then.

The next day I got up on time and went to work and was not tired at all that day! Josh texted me and asked me how I was feeling and I told him I felt great actually. He said “told ya!” I said ya you were right, you deserve a gold star! That night my Aunt Liz took me to the arts and crafts store to pick out a yellow star. I picked out a couple of gold shimmery paints to paint it as well. That night as I was sitting in my room painting the gold star it dawned on me: I must like this kid a lot if I am taking the time to make him a gold star and put foam letters of his name on it. I painted both sides as well which was kinda tricky.

Now here comes the part where I almost made the biggest mistake of my life! 

I think when I realized that I kinda liked this kid and I knew he liked me  (cuz let’s face it, I’m awesome) I got scared. I was getting ready for a mission and I just didn’t want to hurt him. I wanted to focus 100% on my mission and the last thing I wanted was some guy to keep me home or distract me from my mission. (boy was i in for it) So I decided to give him ‘the hint’ that I wasn’t interested and go back to just reading Preach My Gospel all day. (i wish i was that focused)


The next day Josh invited me out with his friends to go ‘Creepin’. Others will call this ‘cruisin’ but Josh and the boys call it creepin because they lean back in the front seats in their creeper cars and act all tough. That’s how I perceive it at least. Then they pull over in front of Smith’s like the other high schoolers to show off their engines and stand by their cars and talk to other boys then race on main. It was actually a lot of fun because a Yukon full of high school boys joined us in races and were fun to joke with about creepin. Ethem’s car was a pretty cool Lincoln Continental that he could make a pop noise come from the exhaust. (can you tell i’m a girl)


This whole time I kinda gave Josh the cold shoulder and he says I just flirted with all his friends in front of him and made him feel really stupid. I just thought I would talk to the other boys and didn’t see it as flirting haha.

By the end of the night I didn’t know if my point had come across or not but apparently it had. Josh didn’t walk me to my door that night when they dropped me off and I didnt’ think much of it. His side of the story is that I acted like a hott prissy thing and he totally got my hint. (who knew this boy could actually pick up on girl hints!!) He said that night he said well I am done hanging out with that girl. He totally got that I was givin him the cold shoulder and figured he was done with me and if you had asked me I was with him as well at that point.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like hanging out with him, it was that I did. The last thing on this earth I wanted was for me to fall in love with a boy right before my mission and stay home and get married like everyone seems to think you should. I was determined to prove them wrong and needed to stay away from this boy!


June 20, 2010 “Last night, this guy Josh (Tyson’s friend I met at the Sport’s Academy that was freaking out about my eyes) messaged me and we talked till 3AM non stop! He’s pretty funny! We both watched this drugs are bad cartoon I saw when I was lil and then went to bed and gave me his number and texted me “Go to bed, you’re gonna catch diabetes.” and I said “Yes Master.” “Oh my..Good night you crazy tadpole.” haha cuz he told me we needed to play sometime and I asked him if we could go in the creek and catch tadpoles. I like this summer I’m being a good girl and liking good boys. But just having fun till my mission!”
June 25, 2010 ” Sunday night Josh Lowery invited me to go swimming at midnight! I had to work the next day but he talked me into it. He picked me up in a car full of all his friends. We went to the house but the pool was freezing so we went to another house where there was a hottub and all hungout in there. They’re all pretty funny guys. I had a lot of fun with them and was glad I came.”
“Josh invited me to a dance party and it was fun but hardly anyone danced. Josh did and it was so funny. I just watched him and laughed. He is a great guy. He introduced me to all his friends. I told him on the way there I was going on a mission and he took it pretty well! It was fun to be out with him as his date but it was awkward to be standing there as different girls would freak out when they saw him and talk to him and I’d just be standing there. But he’s fun! He’s cute too and dress well and doesn’t gel his hair and it’s cute how he styles it puffed up and swooshed to the right haha. One of his friends was like, “Are you guys in love? Have you kissed?” Both of us replied at the same time, “Yes, a lot.” haha. Whew that coulda been awkward. I do think I like him..he makes me laugh a lot and has the weirdest sense of humor and says the weirdest things but I like it, it’s refreshing. Then he took me home and I had a non-awkward good hug at my door.”
June 29, 2010 “After that I took Ania home and went home and Josh and his friends came and picked me up in this ridiculous gangster Lincoln Continental with flames. It was hilarious. They pulled into the Macey’s and met up with their friends who were driving a black impala it was just so funny. And then they tried to race each other down main street haha and then we pulled into Fred Meyer’s and these boys in their Tahoe pulled over and wanted to hang out with us and check out the cars. The boys opened their hoods and were showing off their engines. It was an interesting night. Josh hasn’t tried to hold my hand or anything-thank goodness cuz I really can’t date anymore..I don’t know what he expects out of this relationship we have right now. Jessica at work said “Somebody’s gonna get hurt and it’s not gonna be you!” Hahah well, break’s over!

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One thought on “Josh & Cody Chronicles II: How I Almost Lost My Shot

  1. I’m glad fate stepped in for you guys! Oh and Josh did grow up with 5 older sisters so it makes complete sense why he could pick up on hints. 😉


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