Josh & Cody Chronicles I: How We Met

I’ve decided to document Josh and Cody stories for you. So why not start at the beginning with how we met..AYA_3019

It depends on who you talk to but this is my version of how we met. If you ask Josh, he may tell you we met on e-harmony or whatever story he comes up with that moment.

When meeting your future spouse..some call it luck, some call it fate, some call it a coincidence..but I think that if we are doing what we are supposed will all work out. We will meet who we are supposed to, but it is up to us to be making the choices to get there.

It all started the summer of 2010 with a Friday night in Logan, Utah. I was supposed to be in Idaho for the weekend. I had gotten a ride to Rexburg, two of my closest friends were having their wedding showers and I had been planning this trip for months. But, I just got a feeling that I shouldn’t kind of came out of no where. So, I didn’t go. Since I wasn’t in Idaho, I dragged my cousin to a tri-stake church activity at the Sport’s Academy where we chowed down on pizza, played soccer and jumped on trampolines.

Josh wasn’t planning on going either that night. They were a good 20 minutes away when him and his guy friends decided to go at the last minute. He said his friend wanted to go see if some girl was there and Josh finally said-“Let’s just go!” So they all piled into the car and made it to the activity right as it was ending.

workin on my fitness-he s my witness oooohhhwweee

Now for those of you that know Josh and I well it may be pretty funny to think we met at a church activity. Growing up I was a pretty big brat about church activities. I never wanted to go, and when I did, I just hung out in the corner with my friends and acted lame. Josh can speak for himself on this topic, but for the most part, this kid isn’t too gung-ho about going to church activities. It’s pretty cool though that we both ended up there that night, when we very easily could have chosen not to go.

I found my cousin Tyson as I was ready to leave and he was talking to a group of guys when my phone rang. I answered it and asked the person on the other line where they were. Some smart mouth Tyson was talking to responded: “What do you mean, I’m right here?” I ignored him the first time and continued on with my conversation as I asked another question to the person on the phone and yet again this wise [butt] answered again. I rolled my eyes at him, ended my conversation and got off the phone.

Tyson introduced this funny guy to me, who was of course, Josh. He had on a gold necklace, a ridiculous red mustache and a black shirt with a graphic of colorful headphones on them. I said: “Hi Josh, you look like Chester the Molester with that mustache of yours.” I don’t remember how he responded to my crack on his appearance but I do remember him commenting on how my eyes were silver. I told him that was weird because I was wearing a blue shirt, so my eyes should be blue. I explained my eyes usually are the color of my clothing like if I am wearing green, they will be green. So this funny guy ran over and stole a girl’s green jacket and held it up to my face and pretended to react to my eyes changing colors. Then he grabbed a pink jacket and had me look up at the lights and so on. I remember laughing and thinking, this kid thinks he’s soooo funny. He’s pretty confident for having a mustache like that. Then, Tyson and I headed home.

When we got home I asked Tyson what that boy’s name was thinking I needed more friends in Logan and he seemed like he would be a fun kid to hang out with. He told me Josh Lowery and I promptly went downstairs to my room and added Joshua David Lowery as a friend on facebook. His profile picture was him holding a dog and looking up at the camera with a shirt for The Academy Is.. I had no idea he would take me adding him on facebook as a hint that I was into him.

Josh told me later that he didn’t ask for my number because he didn’t want me to know he was into me. He said he knew he could get it later from Tyson but when he saw me add him on facebook he was like “Oh, she wants me.” The next day I received a message on my wall from Josh that said: “Hey, you’re the girl with the eyes.” I responded on his wall with: “Hey you’re the kid with the chester.” He told me he didn’t have his mustache anymore because his boss made him shave it off and so I had to see him without it. At this point, I knew he wanted me. Later he told me he actually just shaved it off because I didn’t like it. Other girls had tried to convince him to shave it off but once meeting me, he said that was all the convincing he needed, plus it gave him a reason to see me again.

I think if someone had pulled me aside that night and told me Josh was going to be my future husband I would have been pretty surprised. I probably would have laughed and thought, well I am sure he will keep me laughing, but I never would have pictured him like Josh! Of course, he is better than I ever would have thought. It’s funny to think about when I was in Young Women’s growing up we had to write down 10 things we wanted in our future husband. I wrote down in bold letters: Not A UTAHRD.

Journal Entry June 12, 2010 “After that I met up with Tyson who was talking to some guys from high school and one named Josh was so funny and I made fun of him and his mustache and his gold watch. He looked like Chester the Molester haha. He noticed that my eyes turned gray when I looked up at the light and was like whoa are your eyes gray?? I said ya they change colors, I’m kinda like a chameleon. I was wearing a blue shirt so they went back to blue and he freaked out and I told him they turn green if I’m wearing a green shirt and so he grabbed Kenzie’s green jacket and put it up to my face haha. So then he called me Cody Chameleon haha he was a crazy kid. His friends started talking to me too and they seemed pretty cool..maybe I’ll ad them on facebook haha..”

I never saw him coming..

This is a state of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate
You’re my Achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good and right and real

And I never  saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same

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