50 ways to have Fun at BYU-Idaho


Intro: When selecting a University to attend it is very important you find a school that you can feel like you belong in. A school where you can study what you wish, you can afford it, and where you can have a freakin blast-cuz it’s college! Growing up I often rolled my eyes when people would rave about how much fun Rick’s College in Rexburg Idaho was, and then when it became BYU-Idaho.

I NEVER EVER EVER wanted to go to a BYU, let alone BYU-IDAHO. Idaho? Seriously? It sounded like a total drag. I wanted to go to a non mormon college maybe Wake Forest like my Dad. But then as high school went on, I found I really would like to have fun with some Mormon kids and actually be able to date an attractive cool good Mormon kid like I would find at EFY every year. So I started thinking about BYU-I which came as a shock to everyone, especially myself.

One summer I went and visited the campus and it just felt right. I couldn’t wait to go after that and once I did, I really wasn’t let down. Now I’m like the biggest advocate for BYU-I ever.

Once I went to Idaho many of my friends and others I would meet would ask me what on earth I did for fun up there. I mean we didn’t drink or smoke or have sex so I really wasn’t livin the college experience up right? Well that is for everyone to decide for themselves but or me, I have lived in a few different places, even Orlando Florida workin at Disney World, and no offense, but

I had the most fun times of my life in good’ol Rexburg Idaho.

003-1003614415909My first semester in college I had some pretty rockin roomies. We all stay in contact to this day and I consider them some of my best friends.

141-My first pic next to the Idaho sign after all thes

138-i m gonna miss idaho just 5 months away and ill be


Here are some ways I had fun at BYU-Idaho!


136-hangin out


Live on Campus as a freshman and get to know your neighbors and people in your ward

I lived in the dorms my first year and I was so happy I did! I met some awesome fellow freshman girls and we could be as loud and crazy as we wanted to be and didn’t have to worry about older roommates being annoyed haha. If you are debating about living off campus your first year or the dorms-just do the dorms! You won’t regret it and if you do, you have the rest of your college experience to live off campus anyways. I also met some of my best friends who were my neighbors and in my ward. Get out of your comfort zone and say hello!


Eat with your friends


ne of my favorite parts about livin in the dorms was that we ate together in the Galley for our meals. That meant we got to eat with our big group of girl friends and guy friends and it was always a blast!

Pull pranks on your roommates and neighbors


We pulled a lot of pranks on each other. To the left is Katie tryin to penny in the door of Jane’s room but she heard us and started yelling: “I know what you’re doing!!” Usually we didn’t get caught! To the right are pictures of the wars we had with our neighbors in the dorms, they came in and put all our furniture upside down and we went in and sticky noted their dorms, they took all our pillows one day..but don’t worry I stepped up my game. Probably my most favorite prank was when we used clear fishing string and pulled on the door knockers at Colonial. One girl thought it was a ghost hahah

Have game nights!


We had game night every Sunday evening in our apartment. Every Sunday we had one we’d learn new games from people that came and got to play the ones we already loved.

Embrace the snow!

snow018-466 REP (the best roomies anyone could have EVER a

Rexburg is freezing. There is no way around it. But for me, I just embraced it and I learned to love it. We went to the sand dunes and went sledding..we had snowball fights in Porter Park, we made snowmen and snow forts..just get creative!



Pondskimming is an awesome event the school puts on every year! It’s hilarious. People snowboard or ski down a hill and try to skim across a pool of water. It is cooler than it sounds I promise.

Take the snowboarding class


Every Friday I would go snowboarding up in Targhee. I had never snowboarded before but I took the class and learned a lot from my instructor and other students. It was a great way to make friends but also get excited for the snow coming down which can be pretty lame if you don’t have a reason to look forward to it.

Go to school sponsored activities

inight120-DSC09203122-DSC09262 077-at the carnival095-DSC03151copy

Campus hosts a lot of fun activities such as I-Night, 50 lap relay, ice skating, rodeos, Halloween parties,  roller skating, bowling, Slam Dunk Contest, salsa dancing and regular dances. Not to mention the workout classes are a blast as well. Nothing is better than abs that rock..except for maybe the hip hop class.

Support the sports teams!


Going to the basketball games, football soccer whatever is actually really fun! There are some really talented athletes up at Idaho you never would expect in a school with no glorified sports teams.

Mocktail parties!



Instead of having cocktail parties we had mocktail parties haha..who says you need alcohol to have fun? I also heard of kids doing apple beer pong tournaments and such..to each their own.

Don’t skip FHE

fhe!087-fhe gets a lil crazy D this only took one try016-1003619336032

I know sometimes you don’t want to go to FHE but seriously, it can be so fun. I met so many great kids that way and it was always an adventure. A lot of people do great FHE activities but go no matter what.

Go to the Haunted Houses!


Halloween in Rexy is awesome. The Haunted Houses are great for dates and FHE activities or whatever. They are not too scary but they will still give you a thrill.

Go to the dance battles

dancebattlesIf you hear about a dance battle going on-go support it! These guys and gals are so talented and fun to watch. If you want to learn how I’m sure they could help you out or go check out the hip hop or break dance classes on campus.

Dance Parties!!

dance parties

Seriously I went to a MILLION dance parties. If you are ever looking for something to do-host a dance party. Blast some music and start dancing..the people will come. We even had dance parties outside with cars blasting music and people would randomly pull up and dance. Ain’t no party like a dance club partay!

Go to Concerts


The Academy Is & We the Kings


Coheed & Cambria


Shiny Toy Guns


Local Rexburg Concerts


I loved going to concerts!

There are always good shows going on in SLC but if you can’t make it, there is almost always a concert going on in town. Go check it out.

Go to Big Judd’s

big juds

This was always our FHE activity at the end of every semester. I never saw anyone eat the whole burger but it’s still a delicious burger and a fun thing to do.

Serve others088-steven and mike doin the dishes and it was mike s123-DSC09336104-DSC04881

I always have fun when serving others. My favorite is to bake goodies and ding dong ditch people.

Birthday Parties!


My awesome roommate made me breakfast and dinner from scratch! She also got me three different flavors of ice cream and baked me a cake. If that’s not the best birthday love ever I don’t know what is.


My 21st bday I bought beer and then we shot it with guns like typical Idahoans haha


Of course I had a dance party on my birthday and apparently it was so wild the police walked in as Ke$ha was singing po po shut us down down haha

Arts and Crafts!


Join a sports team

149-we won the spirit award121-DSC09233

I grew up playing soccer every day and loved the competitive soccer team program they have there. We didn’t win a game but we won the spirit award and still had a ton of fun. I also did the intramural teams. They have different leagues for how intense you want to get into the sports teams. I loved every sport I did. Honestly, the most fun I ever had playing soccer was on my intramural sports team at Idaho!

Support the arts!



Although I don’t have a picture of the shows we went to the musical theatre program and dance programs are excellent! Comedians also come like the mormon famous Kirby Heyborne and Guitars Unplugged is always well worth your time.


148-we saw twilight in edward s theatre ha how ironic

We went to see Twilight in Edward’s theatre ha

Play rockband or other video games with friends

147-we have our own roommate band haha050-1148127348642

Go sing at the Old people home

18877_107368119279099_2855184_n (1)They loved it and so did we.

Go on a Scavanger Hunt

144-ready to win the scavanger hunt

Somebody you know is going to get married

139-IMG_2000Go party hard!

Get your roommate to dye your hair

135-goodbye sunset hair

I don’t recommend this for everyone..but I loved it

Color Festival!

133-Festival of Colors Hindu TempleIt is worth the trip. You have to go at least once.

Dork Dates

130-DSCN1505Spice up your dates by dressing like your roommate

Go to the Temple

125-DSC09538The temple is so close-go do baptisms with your friends!

Have a massive water fight

131-DSCN1625The biggest Water Battle I’ve ever seen! Crazy fun


119-DSC08872You can’t leave BYU-I without going iceblocking at least once

Bike Gang

118-DSC08815Start a bike gang! We would bike or longboard together through the streets and parks

Night Games

117-DSC08642Have you ever played Fugitive? It’s a really fun night game that freaks me out at the same time

Go to the Ice Caves

116-DSC08221I kinda get claustrophobic in caves but we still had so much fun breaking glowsticks and spraying them over everyone and everything and then playing hide and seek..ya gotta do this

Go explore Idaho


Mesa Falls, R Mountain, Rigby Lake..the list goes on and on. Go outside!

General Conference

137-i don t think i could be any happier )


I went to General Conference for the first time-as you can tell, we loved it. Happy faces! Hearing the Prophet speak is just phenomenal.

Get involved in school programs

113-DSC08052I was involved in Sports Activities where I designed t shirts, and photographed sporting events.

Try new things



I learned to longboard and snowboard in Rexy. Trying new things is what college is all about right? Within means that is..ha

Hang out with roomies


Get Horked Up



Horkley’s has super big soads for super cheap so obviously we went weekly to get Horked Up and wrote rap songs about it.

Blow fire with powdered sugar..need I say more?


Do it.

Perform in the talent shows


Katie and I’s rap group 2Oh!8 we were the girl version of 3Oh!3 ha

Write a missionary!

100-DSC04233For all you boys that go to BYU-I as a freshman..if your friends are nice like me they will try to write you at least one letter! I’m awesome.

Ward Activites

099-DSC03915copyWard activies were always adventurous. My favorite was either at this gymnastics pit place or going to the hot springs!

Go to Utah

098-DSC03637Salt Lake and Provo are fun places to explore if you are bored with Idaho. It’s nice to get out and see the bigger cities but it’s always nice to run back home to Idaho when you are done.

Take Roommate photos

097-DSC03621-1 Could it get cheesier? Perhaps.



Porter Park 

090-DSC02160 copy3096-DSC03327copy6

Go play on the swings or grab a scooter or a longboard..there is always something goin on at that park

Take unneccessary classes

083-DSC00006copyWomen’s Glee Choir!

080-dance partners (how tall are alicias parents )

Dance classes

Cocoa Bean



Go out to eat with friends


The Sand Dunes


The sand dunes are amazing for so many reasons. You can have a bonfire and roast smores or get a lil more wild with a dance party or play capture the flag with glow sticks..the list goes on and on. Just bundle up..it’s chilly. 

Kissing Ruby

044-1151880562470Kissing Rugby..trust me, it’s awesome. Just don’t break your ribs.

The Taco Bus

043-1130371504757Taco Bus=delicious.

Go to church

023-0117001506Church is what you make of it, I just always happen to make it awesome.

So what is there to do at BYU-Idaho? Apparently, nothing. 🙂



8 thoughts on “50 ways to have Fun at BYU-Idaho

  1. I’m a sophomore in High school and I am so nervous for college. Senior year is just 1/2 a year away and everything is happening so fast. I’m also the oldest in my family, and that is terrifying. I don’t know how this stuff works and I don’t have anyone to look up to and follow. Idaho is out of state for me, so I’d also have to find new friends. Cold and snow is forging to me, and I’m not sure what major I should go for.

    This blog really helped me. I might not know what I’m doing half the time, but things should turn out. If nothing else, these special moments I hope to have will be worth it. I hope. I don’t really know. I found this blog by googling “What is the best thing about BYU Idaho?” I hope that means something at least!


    • Hey Emily! Thanks for sharing your feelings! I know college choices can be super overwhelming. I realllllly didn’t want to go to Idaho and then one day it just hit me I should go.
      I can HONESTLY say it was def one of the best decisions of my life. Although it has changed a lot since I have been there. (I was a freshman in 07..so 10 years ago wow!!)
      But I know kids still love it and appreciate it. I hope prayer leads you to the right place for you-best wishes!!!


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