General Conference/ Mission Reunion

Twice a year there is a wonderful event called General Conference in the LDS church where the Prophet speaks and thousands flock to SLC for this special event. (But millions watch it on TV or online) It is also a super cool time for Mission Reunions! Before my mission whenever GC would come around I would be reminded that at this time one day, I would be going to a mission reunion of my own. I knew it would be a special and exciting time for me, which of course, it is!

There are like a million things I love about General Conference! The talks that the people asked to speak on are always exactly what you needed to hear and you’re sitting there bawlin your eyes cuz you remember you don’t suck and God loves you. Always a good feeling. Or you can get the wow I need to shape up! And you do and realize that’s what you needed to change in your life.

As for the mission reunion, it’s like seeing your family again that you didn’t realize you had, until you’re there and you are just on a cloud cuz you love everyone there so freakin much. It’s like your war buddies or something, you fought together in combat and you would do anything for each other and will be friends for-ever. At least, that’s how I feel.

But how would I know? I’ve never been in war.

So let me start with my first mission reunion..

These are now the Lloyds, formally Ceri Christensen who was my companion in Napa CA for a bit. The first day we were companions we were helping this family move and were singing Veggie Tales songs while cleaning the bathrooms. Treven Phipps came in with Nathan Blake and said, “I can already tell you guys are going to have a lot of fun in your companionship!” We so did. One PDay we spent covering our walls with gospel artwork. Literally our walls were covered! It was epic.

 We also spent maybe a tad too long discussing our boys and writing them off a time or two throughout the mission so we could focus more. And what became of that? OH we both just married them when we got home. Real men if you ask me. 😉


Below is my ‘Mom’ (far right) Natasha Leyton and my ‘favorite aunt’ (middle) Eloisa Martinez. Natasha was called my mom because she was my first companion when I first got into the mission field in Ukiah California. We bonded over our love for musicals and singing loudly in the car haha.   Eloisa is wise beyond her years and is probably one of the best listeners I know. Fun fact: I saved her from a dog chasing us. (It was a chihuahua)

Kaylyn Enzer and Jessica Taylor were only with us a bit in Napa but we still had a lot of fun with them! Too bad tehy went to Brazil..psh. haha jk. And Stacia Norris (far right) trained Ceri! She was always so fashionable and classy as a missionary  That is hard to pull off haha

Oh Pam Stohel Williams. She seriously took good care of me when we were in Napa together. I helped her prepare to get back into the real world again (and go to byui for a bit-yayuh) and she helped me while we discovered my Hypoglycemia and was unconscious on and off for almost 24 hours. She made me ‘chicken thingys’ and also took me to Buttercream bakery for a red velvet cupcake when I really shouldn’t have. Best cupcake of my life.


And then there’s the beautiful angel Susan Bunker. She went through Breast Cancer while serving with President Bunker over all us missionaries. This woman is what every woman should be. She is always kinda and loving but she uplifts others whenever she can, even when she was struggling with cancer. She would go out of her way to make me feel loved, and I’ll never forget that!07-P1010283 08-P1010285

President Bunker was the tough Daddy figure I needed as a mission president. He was loving and forgiving, but strict. He is also very spiritual and not afraid to cry which I think is very manly if you ask me. He told me before I got home that if there were fireworks with Josh to marry him! So when Josh proposed after having huge fireworks b


Kymberlee Fenn is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet! I was sad we were never comps but I still love her so mucho. We both were trainers one transfer so we had to go to this meeting in Santa Rosa and I had only been on exchanges in Rosa once before and we magically found our way around the city! I was super proud of us.  P1010276

So the day after I woke up late and we rushed to get to the Conference Center on time (without tickets). I am the best at getting conference tickets. They are free but you are supposed to get them ahead of time. At the last minute people will cancel or someone won’t come so there are tons of people walking around with unused tickets-and I find them. Once I got like 7 seats away on the main floor. I was pretty proud. This time I got like 6 tickets in less then 2 minutes so I gave those away and kept these two for Josh and I up on the balcony. But it doesn’t matter where you sit-it is incredible to be in the presence of the Prophet amongst 21,000 other mormons. I dig it.

We had this little girl next to us take our photo. Didn’t she do such a good job?

This is when the seats were fillin up before it started. But the place was packed! This was right before President Monson announced the age change of missionaries! (For more info)

So as we are chillin in conference and I see Sis. Graham in front of us! So of course afterwards I chased them down and chatted and took pictures. It was so cool to see them! This family is one of my all time favs (not just for her cooking). Josh gets a lil jealous I kept the dime Kate gave me which meant she loves me. haha jk.


The cherry on top of course was that they had Suzanne with them for her first time in conference! What a steller woman she is! She would take us out for dinner with the Elders and just hearing her testimony truly blows me away.


We stayed at Carl’s overnight and I had to snag a pic with Olivers. She is so much bigger now!


So that was my first mission reunion! It was a blast to say the least. Josh could tell how much I loved those people cuz I was just glowing the whole time. Needless to say, we drove down for the next one!

Melissa came to the mission reunion! She was recently baptized in my first area in Ukiah and I’m pretty sure she we spent most of our time together with her giving me weird looks as I tried to spit some sort of spanish sounding words at her. We’re tight now that she understands me haha


So I barely have walked in and I hear “Oh my goshhhhhh!!!” Look who it is but Jamie Robinson hahah. I knew who it was before I turned around. This girl is one of the biggest loves of my life. We’ve laughed hard and we’ve cried hard together. I wish she didn’t live at the bottom of the state and I lived at the top! So many good times with this girl, I tell ya.


Sara Simnitt..we bonded early on as good pals in the mish. She’s just real and I love that about her. I was always impressed with her testimony she shared with me as well. Rock solid girl.


Tausha Powell what a stud! Not only does this girl crack me up but coming into an area after her and hearing stories about her cracked me up!

Ruppcita..another fellow sister mish who had a boy at home and married him. We rock haha. I really like Brittany for many reasons but also because she laughs at my jokes and makes me feel funny. Everyone needs someone like that!


Group shot! Good thing Courtney decided to wear pants under that dress..haha

I don’t have individual pics with the people in this pic but just know, they are always awesome haha.

Heather Pina has one of the cutest personalities ever-coupled with her cute voice! She’s just adorable. Can’t get enough of her!


Leah Clayton! She was the first missionary I trained and as cheesy as it sounds, I learned wayyy more from her than she could have possibly learned from me. The girl like never complains and just does what she’s supposed to! Plus she knocked my socks off in soccer haha. Oh and she’s gonna be the next Martha Stuart, seriously.


Normandie artsy fartsy pal. We went into the mission together and we left the mission together. We both grew so much! I just really think she’s super fly in every way.


Tyler Millard! One day he heard a knock on our door and opened it up to a red chair just chillin on our doorstep. Haha him and Elder Silvester were hilarious. siiigh, it’s fun to reminisce


Have I mentioned how much I love this woman??


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