My Favorite Songs

DSC_0214-001I was really into music in high school. I was constantly trying to find new bands that no one had ever heard of.  I was a hardcore Warped Tour Diva, and went to every concert I could. That’s probably why I can’t hear a dang thing anymore.
The past few years I kind of grew out of all of that. I also just got lazy so I don’t search out the underground scene as much, and mostly complain about how awful most of the songs are on the radio. I tend to listen to a lot of calmer songs nowadays but these songs will forever be some of my favorites. I think this list of music videos shows the variety of music that I enjoy.

Others include: Adele, Bruno Mars,  Saosin, The Script, Copeland, 3Oh!3, The Format, America, Earth Wind & Fire, Hunter Hayes,  Avril Lavigne, Imagine Dragons, Cobra Starship, Alanis Morissette, Taylor Swift, The All-American Rejects, Missy Elliot, Rascal Flatts, The Beach Boys, Ben Folds, musicals..and a million more.

I’ll Run

-The Cab-This song makes me so freakin happy, it’s like I can’t contain it anymore. I am a sucker for happy music. Everyone needs some happy tunes in their life. This was the first song I listened to when I got home from my mission. I can’t explain how good it felt after listening to the same 100 songs for 18 months.

Bohemian Rhapsody


One of the most epic songs of all time, and I have no idea what is going on, but I love it. I remember watching the Mighty Ducks as a kid and thinking the songs from Queen were so hardcore and I felt awesome singing them. Once I was hanging out with some of my friends in a car when the white kid driving decided to play this song. We started belting it out as our friends stared at us. Apparently the white kids in the car only knew this song and the others thought we had lost our minds. It cracks me up thinking about it.

Plus, Wayne’s World makes this song 10x more awesome.

Little Wonders

-Rob Thomas-

As soon as I hear the beginning notes of this song, no matter how angry or sad or worried I may be, I instantly feel calmer. The first few lines are perfect. Let it Go. Let it roll right off your shoulder-don’t you know the hardest part is over. let it in. let your clarity define you in the end. we will only just remember how it feels. all lives are made in these small hours. The fact that the music video is combined with scenes from my favorite pixar only make me even happier. I heard how he wrote this song and he said he took his dog out for a walk and his dog stopped and just enjoyed the wind on his face. I love reminders that tell me to slow down, enjoy the moment, and let your worries go. Life is a beautiful thing.

The Only Exception


I can’t tell you how many times I have sung my lil heart out to this song in my car. it’s one of those songs that no matter how late or early i am to arrive somewhere, if this song is playing-i will sing it till it is done.. if not press repeat. I feel so connected to this song I could cry, because I just get her. I am so happy I have found my only exception. I always felt like when I fell in love with the guy I was supposed to would be like I just knew it was right. That’s exactly how it all happened. So really as I listen to this song I just wanna cry because I’m so grateful. Grateful because I have such an incredible husband, but that I found him. I waited. I didn’t settle for anyone less then him. I found the winner. It was hard work but when you are doing what you are supposed to, God just leads him your way. I really believe that.

Oh What A Night

-Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons-

When I was in elementary school I would get SO excited when this would come on the good wholesome radio station I listened to with my mom on the way to soccer practice. This song still gets me groovin in my car..or in my livingroom. It was the first song I think that made me feel something special as I sang it. Good pop songs can do that.

Stand Out, Eye to Eye

I love disney movies! A Goofy Movie is one of my all-time favs. My favorite disney princess is of course, Ariel. I even got a lil giddy when I met her when I was 20 at Disney World. These songs always make me want to belt them out in my car when they come on. When I was 10 my friend and I went outside and sang them to our neighbors at the top of our lungs. If you know these songs, you know they’re awesome.

You Picked Me

-A Fine Frenzy-

This is Josh & I’s song-we danced to it at our wedding. This song pretty much explains our dating, how I basically hid from him and didn’t try to seek him out-but he found me, and kinda had to try hard to get me. And through all of the other girls, he picked me. I of course, didn’t complain. I love the sentiment behind it. It’s a beautiful song and one of the fewer songs we both really like. It also came about to being our song while we were listening to it together, we both realized it fit us really well. That was a cute moment.

Suo Gan

-I would listen to this song 100x over and over finals week in college. It just is so calming, beautiful, peaceful and spiritual as well. This little boy with the first solo has the most beautiful crystal clear soprano favorite.


-Spice Girls-

I loved my childhood. I love reliving my childhood. In 5th grade my friends and I tried to come up with a dance for this for the talent didn’t work out. But I still have fun memories of it and I can still remember some of the dance moves from us practicing in the basement. The Spice Girls will always be where it’s at. If I became a millionaire I would pay the Spice Girls to have a concert..with the Backstreet Boys.

Drop It Low

-Ester Dean feat. Christ Brown-

For those of you who haven’t seen my more ghetto side..fools be missin out! Haha I LOVE to dance. Any type of dance really. This song get’s me groovin and I totally miss rockin out to it with my roomies at BYUI. We tried to dance like Ester Dean alone in our living room ..most of us could not. But you know that would be hilarious to watch us try!  If you’ve seen the music video..there’s only one white girl who can keep up with them soooo I dont have to be too hard on myself. Plus it is a killer workout! The music video also starts off with nelly-the rapper who is the reason I started to like rap music. He had some good beats back in his day. The music video is also hilarious. I love the intro in the beginning-go home pimp! (For those of you with sensitivity, be aware the music video is PG-13ish) Chris Brown’s dancin is pretty sweet too.

The Scientist


This song got me through high school. We all know how that is. My hardest times in life were high school. Not because my trials or circumstances were necessarily the hardest, but just because I felt alone a lot. This song brought me the needed comfort alone in my room on those lonely nights. emo? You bet I was.

Cute without the e

-Taking Back Sunday-

Although I love many of their songs, this one will always be a top contender. I would watch this music video and totally drool over Adam..whom I later met a few years later and did not make a fool outta myself! Super proud of that story..I’ll tell ya later. I have blasted this song in my car with so many different people screaming our guts out..for that alone I totally love this band. Forever will! How can you not head bang in the last 40 seconds of the song? AH I love car rockin songs!! Plus the Fight Club music video is cool. (warning it is a kinda violent music video-hence, the fight club reference)

Tell Me When to Go


This song has a sick beat, has a sick dance you can do with it (going dumb) and I never get sick of it! I played it at my wedding and went dumb. Don’t hate-congratulate. Oh and my friend alicia and I totally ghost rode the whip in the parking lot of an In n Out  outside of Reno..and the car almost got away. Epic.

I Won’t Give Up

-Jason Mraz-

First off, this song is so beautiful I want it tattooed on me. Not really. But I won’t give up is a phrase more people should keep in mind. In everything, inside of marriage and out into regular life. This captures every feeling I had once I got married. It is the perfect love song.


-Katy Perry-

I was taught manners, to be polite and to respect my elders. But as my husband helped me realize, sometimes I just need to speak my mind, talk back, and let people know that they are being rude and to stick up for myself. This is why I love this song so much. I think the music video is pretty lame so I picked the lyric video especially because of the kitty part at the end!

Best Song Ever

-One Direction-

I may or may not have watched this video 10 or more times. It may be my favorite music video of all time. I laugh, I smile and I love the cheesy dance moves at the end. Plus, it’s a fun’s just so dang catchy!

Wagon Wheel

-Old Crow Medicine Show-

This song is great for so many reasons. I think I just love it so much because I love anything to do with Carolina where I grew up.

Don’t Stop Believing


Is there anyone on this earth that doesn’t love Journey and this song? Seriously. Try singing it anywhere and I bet at least one person will join in. It will forever be a classic.


-James Taylor-

This song is so dear to my heart. It brings back memories of my childhood of my dad playing James Taylor on the guitar or on the cd player in the garage as he worked. It makes me think of what a daddy’s lil girl I am as well. Just listening to this song throws me down memory lane to a more simpler life. Plus, James Taylor is a boss.

Shake it

-Metro Station-

My friend Alicia and I were in love with this song in college. We would go to soccer practice together and then scooter down the hill to our apartment blasting this song on our ipods and singing at the top of our lungs.

Poker Face

-Lady Gaga-

This song brings me back to living in Florida when I was working at Disney World. I used to sing this song when I was alone in the kitchen. I love listening to Lady Gaga’s raw voice..I think there are so many artists who have wonderful voices but we never get to hear them over the turned up techno beat that is all over the radio. Sometimes I like to slow it down and hear a good ballad.

Money Maker

-Ludacris ft. Pharell-

I couldn’t find the clean version of this song that wasn’t the music video..which I am sure is not so clean. I grew up on Ludacris through high school. He was blasted through the speakers at every dance and he sure knows how to get a crowd going. He always has some good beats up his sleeve and sweet rhymes. You can’t find a girl my age who doesn’t love some Ludaaa.

Man in the Mirror

-Michael Jackson-

Michael Jackson is one of the best musicians of all time. This song helps me to take a step back and think what I can do for others instead of looking to see what I can get from them. Although he went through a lot in his life and I think is severely misunderstood, I think he had one of the purest hearts that ever lived.

On My Own, Les Miserables

-Kaho Shimada-

I fell in love with Les Mis at a young age, especially with this song. As I have heard other artists sing this song over the years I always turn back to the original one I heard. There is just something about Kaho’s voice that is pure and you can feel her passion.


-The Morning Of..-

I think this song is so beautiful. I looove this band. I think they make some really sweet songs. If you’ve never heard of them, I highly recommend them. Every song is great. I love rock with piano. I wish I played the piano.


-Never Shout Never-

Who doesn’t love the ukulele? I think I sing this song almost daily in my head.

Do You Feel

-The Rocket Summer-

Bryce Avary has got to be one of the most under-rated arists of all time. I think he is a genius, a good person, and carries a good message. He is pretty talented too. I chose this song because I love the music video and it has different artists (andrew mcmahon!) in it too which is cool.


-Something Corporate-

I have never seen this band live. It KILLS ME. One day..hopefully before I die. Something Corporate is just he epitome of my high school rocks songs. They had the angst, the energy and the flare that I definitely was drawn to in my favorite music years.

The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows

-Brand New-

Although Jesse Lacey would hope I would put a more recent song of his on here, I just can’t help but always have this song be my most favorite Brand New song. Sorry Jesse, I know you are evolving but I like it here.


-The Backstreet Boys-

Since I was 8 years old I was a die hard BSB fan. You had to pick, and I chose them. I finally got to see them live a few weeks ago and boy, it was well worth the wait. The dancing, the harmonies, the fans singing in unison..I was in pop heaven. This was my favorite song they played..pretty sure it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Don’t worry, I’ve had a happy life. It had just been a long time comin.


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