Today could be Lame

1-DSC_0238There are some days we have where it is just hard from the start. Although we may or may not be struggling with great issues, they feel big nonetheless. Life is not about having those days that go perfectly. Life is not about finding a magical wand to make all your problems disappear. I have found life is about living with joy although we may be struggling.

Last night I had an upsetting moment with my school work. Very upsetting. For those of you who don’t know me, I can be rather dramatic at times. I used to be one of those girls that said: “I hate drama, I hate how girls always cause drama and I would rather hang out with the boys any day.” But then I did hang out with the boys and still caused drama and then I realized-I am dramatic. So I am a work in progress! Nothin new there. So back to me being dramatic last night..I was crying a lot. I have found I have different types of cries.

1) I got my feelings hurt cry which often turns to anger

and that is really gross crying..

2) I am so tired and I just need to shut up and eat crying which is usually lighter and calmer

3) I did something bad and I hate myself for it crying

4) Something sad happened and I just need to curl up in a ball

and cuddle while I cry, crying

5) Something super sweet or super sad on tv just happened

and I gotta cry about it!

6) I feel God’s love for me crying which is actually

really peaceful and oddly makes me feel amazing cry

To those people who don’t cry enough to know your cries-congrats. But I unfortunately cry enough for everyone. Luckily, my husband isn’t a cryer. But men tend to keep it all inside and I find it best to cry it out!

I chose number 3 crying last night.

In the morning I woke up this morning with a hypoglycemia hangover, as I guessed I would. When I don’t eat before I go to bed or I cry, it crashes my blood sugar and I wake up feeling like a zombie..I walk slow, I can’t use my brain correctly and I want to eat other people’s brains. (not really sicko)

Usually if I grab some peanut butter and sleep till noon I will be good the rest of the day. But I was determined today to get my butt outta bed and not have a pity party. If I slept till noon my body would feel better, but I realized I wouldn’t. I would have wasted that time doing absolutely nothing.  And yes of course, if my body realllly needed it after an hour or so of being awake I’d head back to bed.

Blogs aren’t all about the super cutesy moments in our lives. (At least mine won’t be) They can also be about the simple day to day moments that suck at times. But we have all been there. My struggles may sound pathetically lame compared to yours. But that’s ok, it’s my life.

I have learned that when we stop feeling sorry for ourself-if we do, and do the hard stuff anyways..we never regret it. We feel a lot better, and we move on with a better view of ourselves.

So here’s to Thursday! Let’s do this.


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